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Crafting My Land Acknowledgement

A necessary first step in decolonizing myself.

Rich Sobel
10 min readMar 9, 2022


Let’s face it. This is not a simple topic to tackle. How does a non-Indigenous Settler like myself respectfully craft a good Land Acknowledgement?

It’s not easy and by no means am I any kind of expert!

But I can tell you this.

As I continue my journey along this path of discovery and renewal, I’ve already experienced so many emotional pitfalls and upheavals that it’s hard to remember them all.

But it’s also been a superb learning experience! It’s caused me to think about and remember all kinds of past events in my history. And to start to uncover some of my own unconscious biases.

Does this sound like something you’re up for?

If so, come tag along with me. It isn’t something we can do in one simple 5-step program. I can’t put together a simple X-items checklist for us to know how good our progress is.

But I think if we do this with right mind and right intentions in a good way, we will know that we are on the path and moving toward our ultimate destination. Personal decolonization and reconciliation.

Will there be any way of knowing if we’re headed in a good direction?



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