Did Trump promote ‘Crab-Mentality’?

“If I can’t have it neither can you”

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Known by different names such as Crab theory, Crabs in a bucket, is a story about perspective. As I believe it runs deep with involuntary motives.

Crabs live in shores, and their primal mode of survival alarmed much on clinging themselves to others. So the experiment of “Crabs in a bucket” hinders different desires inside a confined space. When a crab makes a move to escape the bucket, other crabs make his escape miserable. The rest of the crabs would go onto cling, drag, snap, or worse — kill.

Now, Let’s put it into perspective.

I count myself as a non-opinionated observer of the U.S. Elections 2020. Nonetheless, just like the overwhelming majority of people living across the world, I would support anyone who does not promote violence and hate, and human ethics — decency and ethics.

Donald Trump, as I see, is a person who thrives with will-power. He fancied on his presidential run, and he achieved exactly what he expected — the Presidency. The year 2016 went down on the history books of United States of America as one that caused one of the biggest upsets in elections’ history, Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States of America. But, since his election as President in January 2017, also throughout his campaign, he promised a number of highly controversial deliverables — things of lesser decency off a true leader.

Most of his controversy targeted humanitarian grounds, and running through the time of the past four years, both his actions and inactions have had a striking resemblance too.

Then it hit my mind. Does Trump promote ‘Crab mentality’ from what he does-being a leader to millions of Americans?

What could the chances be?

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Before moving ahead, referring to some of the promises he kept during his presidency should be taken into consideration.

First, a guide on some of his most controversial campaign pledges are:

The Great Wall — The American-Mexican border.

Expanding border patrol across U.S. to prevent entry of immigrants coming into the country.

Ending “Sanctuary Sites”.

Ban on Muslims entering and suggesting a controversial practice of surveilling mosques.

Repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”.

Create 25 million jobs.

Implement major tax cuts.

And a dozens more on debatable opinions on certain concerns, and of course, his promises. Once again, most of the promises focusing on humanitarian aspects.

How well did he succeed in accomplishing the promises?

He did quite a good job in accomplishing or living up to the word.

He built a great wall and has covered close to 400 miles of a promised 1000 miles-border. That is a huge amount of resources spent over the past four years. He missed out on one of his words. He said he will make Mexico pay for it all. The number of times he uttered those words are more than the number of states he won in the 2020 Presidential election, but still failed. He should have given more thought when he said,

And by the way, Mexico is paying,

He held a good stance banning Muslims entering the country — at least he placed a soft patch on Muslims by saying, according to Mashable.

“From any nation that has been compromised by terrorism”

He did expand U.S. Border patrol to prevent entry of immigrants into the United States.

He successfully got rid of Affordable Care Act.

Also he had some blatant views on gun-control.

Also, towards his final months as President he had to face a force to reckon with, Covid-19, as many believe including experts, he did not take necessary steps to stop the spread of the disease and clearly avoided any worthy medical advice.

He also lost his battle serving people equally, — Black Lives Matter was pushed to become a movement threatening the stability of the nation. All of this happened amidst fighting the deadliest pandemic of the 21st century.


Where does exactly crab-mentality come into play for Donald Trump?

“If I can’t have it neither can you”

The popular definition of crab-mentality can be derived using an array of events relating to how Trump on how he acted over the past 4 years. Although, the different dimensions routed the same idea of “ You can’t do it better than I do”.

1. Many of his election promises

He always promoted the country to be immigrant-free, and to close borders. As I see, this creates higher chances of clinging mentality as the work done by the immigrants now create a vacuum. This could be for a minimum wage job opportunity or a shot at a big stage. He suggested the solution citing many reasons, but what reflected the most is the fact, he would not give a chance for an outside national to perform and do well, or do better inside the country. Hence, promoting crab-mentality — the immigrant will be kept at bay.

2. Actions/Inactions against hate-crime and racism

As I understand, Trump gave a hard time for his country’s citizens who were begging for justice at the face of racism and harassment based on color. He clearly signified the importance of only a certain community to have the right to say for sensitive matters as such. And at times the reach to say out was hindered for the community he favored, the rest of the people struggled too.

Adding to the main points mentioned above, the movement Trump cultivated inside the United States promoted a parasitic mindset and a culture, than symbiotic.

Needless to say, the style of how he did things was lot aggressive and different than how things were usually done by someone who is at the seat of a President.

The argument as to whether Trump promoted crab-mentality within his countrymen could be questionable, though I find myself agreeing with the concept.

Happy Read!

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