Emotion: The Number 1 Secret To Effective Content Marketing

Roy Landers
Jun 11 · 5 min read

Logic goes out the window when it comes to buying most things. Emotion is the driving force.

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Have you ever been victim to your emotions when it comes to making decisions to buying things? Come on be honest. You know you have. It happens to us people all the time.

Picture this: You meet with some of your girlfriends for lunch. One of them (Suzi) shows up dressed to the nines with the most beautiful pair of Louboutin red bottom shoes and a gorgeous new Louis Vuitton purse.

You and the rest of your girlfriends go gaga over them and inside you feel the rush of instant envy and perhaps even a bit of jealousy. Those are emotions.

You know what I’m talking about!

Then, soon after, you’re out shopping for groceries and decide to take a break and stop by the mall while you’re out. And as you stroll through the mall you spot them, a beautiful pair of red bottoms even more beautiful than those Suzi wore and the same brand.

They just happen to be on sale for 35% less and today is the last day of the discount.

You know you can’t spare the funds right now but suddenly you have to have those shoes. You think about how great you would look in them and how Suzi and your other girlfriends would go gaga over you with these as they did with her.

You rationalize how you could postpone the payment of a couple of bills for now and take advantage of this sale and… the next thing you know you’re walking out of the store with those shoes.

Well, you just made a purchase because of emotion. Logic went out the window and you rationalized that it was okay because you’d catch up on the bills later. After all, they gave you a flexible payment plan.

Men are no different. We buy stuff knowing we don’t need it but we want it because we think it might make us look better than the other fellow or we think it will give us an advantage over the competition that’s vying for the same female we are interested in.

Greed, envy, jealously, love, hate, anger, empathy, and many other emotions are powerful drivers used to make choices.

Human beings are emotional creatures and most of our choices are made based on emotions, not logic.

Understanding this fact is a powerful tool in a marketer’s hand. It is especially powerful and persuasive when it comes to creating content for copywriting, email campaigns, blog article preparation, social media marketing, and the like.

The best online content is that which elicits emotion. It causes readers to feel something. Not only does this create a powerful bond between a content brand and its fan base, but it also leads to viral sharing, which is the dream of all content marketers.

Some of the best ways to use emotion to create a positive impression and generate sales conversion with content marketing are outlined below.

Keep It Positive

Common knowledge tells us that positive content gets more shares. It makes sense if you think about it: The most shared content is that which is humorous or awe-inspiring.

Content that gives us hope, such as a powerful image, is more likely to be shared than something pessimistic or negative. Amusement, joy, a sense of belonging, surprise, affection, and excitement are all very engaging emotions.

The Case for Negativity

However, there is a case to be made for negative emotions as well. Although negativity doesn’t go over as well as positivity does, sometimes a very sad or frightening piece of content will go viral. This is because it triggers powerful emotions of empathy or concern.

This is the reason you have that strong urge to go into your pocket and send a donation when you see that sad commercial about those abused and abandoned animals. They look so pitiful it makes you want to cry.

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Righteous Anger

Some studies have shown that anger is a good emotion for content. Of course, you shouldn’t make your audience angry at you. Rather, it can be very powerful to share content that causes some controversy and gets a discussion going. You might encourage people to rally behind a cause or engage in a debate about an important topic.

Agree with it or not, anger spurred on by the GeorgeFloyd incident, is exactly the emotion that sparked the nation of America to rise up against police brutality and racism that exists within the country and it boiled over into other countries too.

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What’s that all about?

Finally, curiosity is a great emotion to target. When there is content that makes people say, “What’s that all about?” it’s sure to get some sharing. This is also true of titles for written content that pique curiosity.

Which emotions to target and how to go about targeting them all depend on your target market. The better you know their feelings and opinions, the easier it is to give them content that will stir their emotions.


People are very emotional. Decisions are made more because of emotions than logic. It’s just a part of human DNA.

Armed with this knowledge and how to use it, anyone can use content marketing to capture attention, spark an emotion, and turn it into a message that will convert sales.

Learn this skill and your future will be made brighter as a communicator and effective copywriter or content marketer.


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Roy Landers

Written by

Business attorney, entrepreneur, content marketer, and published author. I help you communicate your marketing message and generate sales. www.landerslaw.com


Outstanding stories objectively and diligently selected by 40+ senior editors on ILLUMINATION

Roy Landers

Written by

Business attorney, entrepreneur, content marketer, and published author. I help you communicate your marketing message and generate sales. www.landerslaw.com


Outstanding stories objectively and diligently selected by 40+ senior editors on ILLUMINATION

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