Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Divine Thoughts Generated from Heaven

Roger Himes Esquire
4 min readJun 1, 2024

God is not AI: Artificial Intelligence, but he is EI: Extraterrestrial Intelligence: and Shares His Truth and Reality with Us in His Gospel

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God Often Speaks in Everyday Language

We don’t need to worry about God communicating with us in a way we don’t or can’t understand. He always speaks to us in a way we can understand. It doesn’t matter what language we speak.

God often doesn’t talk in King James English, as many think he does. He speaks very matter-of-factly, and often about everyday things that are always spiritual in nature, and of importance in our lives, but not always about spiritual things.

Sometimes I try to do this in my writings.

Hearsay Versus Faith

As a lawyer, I’ve dealt with HEARSAY for years. Applied spiritually hearsay is what you hear said and preached and written about God.

It’s also what we think and say about God. These are natural aspects coming out of our heart and mind. Our faith is what we pray for, what we want to see happen. It can be called our horizontal, worldly faith.

Ourselves, or someone else we respect is our ‘go-to guy.’



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