Feeling Distracted? Anxious? Life No Longer Under Your Control? You’re Not Imagining It

The times they are a’ changing

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We’re sentient beings. We know Aliens didn’t impregnate an Earth woman, no matter what the tabloids say.

We know professional wrestling isn’t real.

We know, even if we’re a little fuzzy around the edges that there weren’t any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And that at the end of the day, not every UFO sighting was a weather balloon.

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But we still listen to the speeches. We still read the tabloids at checkouts and giggle. We still play the stock market and are certain our time will come. While still argue that one power forward is worth $45 million a year but the other only 20.

We set the alarm clock every night and wake up every morning, eat a bowl of cereal and carry our lunch to work, feeling certain in a deep-down place we don’t often visit, that after a few more years, we’ll have our home, the RV we’ve always wanted and get junior into a good school, not like the community college we went to.

We’re certain we elected the right guy this time. Voted for the right All-Star shortstop, and picked a winning Lotto number even when the stack of losing tickets is three feet high.

We’re human beings and we live on hope and future and a belief that hard work, dedication, a loving heart, and a good wife will get us through the year and into a new one, that goddammit is going to be better than this one.

We do these things because the alternatives are pretty grim.

We believe in God and faith because they get us through the day with a smile, a sense of possibility, and a chance at something better — no matter how many times the math just doesn’t work out.

We refuse to believe that people are against us because we are told that we create our own destiny. That life is in us today and we can bring about our own tomorrow.

But sometimes, that nagging feeling we get after the fifth year without a raise; that ache we feel when yet another president acts more like a soap opera villain than a man of promise and integrity is actually trying to tell us something.

That eerie sense of connection to the Universe that your bowling buddies think was too much acid in your youth — is actually your innate ability to differentiate between truth and a marketing deception.

  • The reason we feel that things in our life are getting too difficult, too expensive, and taking far too long to achieve is because — they are!
  • When you’re pissed about losing out on that ideal house in an ideal neighborhood that was already far too expensive and think that someone or something is messing with you — you’re right!
  • And when you can’t understand how you went from doing okay to working three jobs and begin to feel that it’s all planned that way — you’re not far off.

We all have laughed at someone who is locked into conspiracy theories and thinks that politicians are lizard people and Bill Gates personally owns all the banks in the world, except the one their brother-in-law runs.

Then we go back to watching the news, catching the game, surfing the net, and getting distracted long enough to wonder what that thing was, that story that was on for just a minute about a large equity firm buying thousands of homes and we forget.

Life is tough and fast-paced and at times completely out of our control. It feels more and more like a scripted reality show and yet we can’t see the strings being pulled.

We sense that something is wrong, that the odds seem to be stacked, but we are loath to believe such crap because it makes us feel stupid.

It makes us think that we’ve missed something for so long that it’s now our fault and that hurts too much, considering the hours we work, the time we spend away from home, and the struggles we have keeping a smile on our faces.

There are 535 people representing us in the US Congress. 535 people who are always fighting with each other, with us, the weather, the judges, the police, the sport's owners, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and at the end of the day — at the end of just about every working day for them — they are no further along in resolving what ails us.

We struggle to pay $1800 for three aspirins and $14,00 for a two-day stay in the hospital when they misdiagnose our heartburn for heart palpitations.

And the anger builds, the disillusionment grows to epic proportions and we struggle between voting for a Harvard-educated linguist who believes racism is just the misuse of a pronoun or an independent who wants to impose a 99% tax on the rich, force-feed cows antiflatulents and put us all on a whole-grain diet.

So, we turn away. We buckle down and do what our daddy did and his daddy before him. We work hard. We keep the bullshit to a minimum and we love our children and believe that in the end, when God and faith and hope have had a chance to work their magic — everything will be alright.

And in theory that should work. In theory that might be successful if it was maybe 100 or 150 years ago. It might help all of us if in this case, the conspiracy theories weren’t a theory after all.

If there weren’t actual influences out there in the real world — not in the stars or on other planets — but on Wall Street and Main Street and everywhere in between who are thoroughly opposed to giving up power and money.

  • When Big Tobacco commissioned Ads that said, doctors, recommend cigarette smoking, or stated that nicotine was not habit-formingthey knew this was wrong.
Old Cigarette Ad
  • When Big Pharma created drugs that were amazingly profitable and highly addictive and told the world they weren’t they knew this was wrong.
  • When Big Coal lauded the viability of burning coal in the factories, in the homes, in your bloody barbecue and that it was environmentally safe and clean to do so — they knew this was wrong.
  • And when Big Oil claims that annual maintenance, the war in Ukraine, and the fluctuating markets outside of their control are causing rising gasoline prices and even higher profits — they know they are wrong and just don’t care.

And that’s okay, that’s who they are. They are greed-based organisms that thrive on low-quality air, poor nutrition, and excessive stress.

They are fast-spreading kudzu in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

They feel certain that in the end, when they unfold their cinematic and advertorial blitzkrieg we will all throw in the towel, cry quietly on our pillows and roll over for belly rubs.

That we’ll be too confused and too anxious to pee straight let alone sort out who’s “out to get us” and that the laughter we think is a late 60s flashback, will be their snickering while smoking a $4500 King of Denmark cigar.

Or we change something.

We change who we normally vote for.

We change waiting for someone else to show up.

We ask a question we don’t want to hear the answer to and then do something about it.

We sign a petition, send a letter or get our entire neighborhood to not buy gas from the Exxon station in town.

We boycott the grocery chain for not paying their employees a fair wage, the video game companies that can’t seem to stop themselves from making the next version even more violent, or the car dealerships that raise the sticker price on a new Kia by $25,000 because “everybody” wants one.

We get uncomfortable for a while.

What WE have that THEY want are our money and participation. Withhold it.

What WE control and what THEY want is for us to look the other way, while we download the latest movie or stream the next season of the Bachelor while barbecuing skirt steaks marinated in rum & coke.

The Big Lie out there is not that Trump won the election. He didn’t, but in his mind, reality is like a nasty STD that messes with the plumbing.

The Big Lie is that we can’t change what’s happening and start steering this country back to the way we want it.

The way that mirrors OUR values, not the silent minority, standing in pews and manicured gardens, thinking high-brow thoughts about what the rest of us should be doing — God willing.

Yeah, if you’ve been feeling distracted and anxious lately and getting the feeling deep down that we’re sort of fucked, it’s not your imagination. It’s the plan.

Let’s change it.

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