How to Find Your Peak Performance Time Without Using Pen and Paper

You fall in one of these four categories based on how you recharge your body.

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Unless you have a long-term goal that excites you to wake up every day, maintaining discipline is tedious.

On top of it, it confuses you regarding when you’re most focused. The butterfly effect of the confusion pushes you into chronic procrastination. Then complacency, and before you know it — your nickname is insomniac.

Your work should support your lifestyle, not the converse.

When I started my first desk job, I wanted to prioritise my health above everything. That’s when I transformed my lifestyle in 100 days to become a morning person.

When the job interfered with my morning routine, I left instead of confronting the close-minded toxicity because:

Changing the second person’s mind is nothing compared to your mental health.

I love my life for leaving the job that strung numerous hindrance in my morning routine, e.g., working after-hours.

The deciding factor of peak productivity.

After quitting my desk job and working on the remote gig that I already had as a side hustle ( eventually became primary ), I got more time to understand that we can only be active at certain times of the day. I leaned into the science behind why it happens.

I came across the biological term: chronotype.

Chronotype classifies humans into four categories based on their sleep pattern, which affects our 24-hour body clock.

Broadly, everyone falls under one of these:

  1. The Lion: The early risers. The 4 am tribe.
  2. The Dolphin: The insomniacs. If you’re struggling with sleep, you land here.
  3. The Wolf: The night owls. They have trouble waking up in the morning. If you fall under this category, your day starts around 11 am.
  4. The Bear: The majority of hustlers move with the Sun. If you fall under this category, you fall asleep around 11 pm and wake up around 7 am.

How do chronotypes affect your productivity?

When you don’t know your sleep pattern, it is hazy to design your day around it.

If you’re fazed regarding the structure of the daily schedule because you can’t finish important tasks before EOD, the biological reason is chronotype.

While pinpointing your peak productive hour is a mission in itself, if you learn which chronotype you fall under, it is easy to articulate your energy pattern throughout the day.

Understanding your body clock will guide you in designing your schedule that supports your lifestyle.

How to find your peak performance time?

I am a morning person. If I start talking about why the morning routine is healthy, I won’t stop even if a meteor hit me. But the topic is to find the most productive hour, not to put morning people on a pedestal.

It starts with designing your day according to your sleep pattern.

I’m a lion ( I mean chronotype ), but you don’t have to be.

What are you? Dolphin? Bear? Wolf?

Understand what behavioural cycle you’ve been following since time immemorial.

Final words

If your habits are pulling you from expanding your potential, you know what to do.

Transform your life with baby steps.

I did in 100 days. And the results I saw in my fitness journey ignited me to continue the same transformation in the writing journey.

The rest is history. It has been two years.

I love my life for the transformation I did by sacrificing whatever didn’t serve my purpose:

  • impromptu and schedule-clashing social hangouts
  • toxic job
  • junk food
  • cluttered physical space
  • chronic procrastination

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Sanjeev is a writer, mentor and recovering shopaholic. He writes about emotional intelligence, productivity, relationships, and practical psychology for everyday life. When he is not busy with his muse, he is sweating either in a workout or playing badminton. He also chronicles his writing and fitness journey on Instagram.



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