How To Generate Sales Conversions in 7 Steps and Boost Profits 2x or More

Follow this tried and true method and reap the benefits

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One of the things I’ve learned about marketing is the fact that the fundamentals don’t change. Effective marketing is an evergreen concept that has tried and true steps that work and produce results when followed consistently.

They have been around for decades and aren’t going to change. What has changed is how they may be deployed.

We now live in a technological eco-system and the application of marketing fundamentals is often lost in the whirlwind of the latest “shiny object” application.

While technology changes significantly and rapidly, often day by day, week by week, and the like, the principles of selling change very little. Stuff is stuff. People are people. And selling is just about bringing the two together with a little psychology.

This article focuses on 7 of the fundamental sales and marketing principles that any marketing and sales strategy should contain. Make it a part of every content marketing and sales effort and you should see a difference if you’re not using them already. Just remember, it takes consistency and time to get maximum results.

1. Begin with a Strong Benefit Packed Headline (This is 80% of content marketing message success)

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Use a powerful attention-getting headline to grab the reader’s attention and make him or her want to read more.

Statistics and experts agree that 80% of content marketing results start with an attention-getting headline.

Be sure that it makes sense to your reader. Nobody opens mail to be dazzled by creative verbiage. They want to know how to make more money, be more attractive, get ahead at work, How to restore or maintain health, and generally have a better life.

They are looking for something that will take away some pain or aggravation that they are currently experiencing in life.

Don’t try to be cute or generate the next phrase or sentence that will go viral. That’s a waste of valuable time and energy. If it goes viral, great but don’t make that your primary goal. Just get to the point quickly and clearly. Choose clarity over creativity.

2. Know What Your Target Audience’s Problem Is and Address It Head On

There are several ways to introduce your content as the solution to the target audience’s problem like asking a question, making a bold statement, or presenting a challenge.

However, I think the best approach is to use what I call the PASS system. It’s a revision of the proven system of the problem/solution format. I tweaked it for my purposes and came up with PASS.

This system is based on the psychological and true principle that people don’t buy products or services. They buy what products/services do or what they deliver. They buy solutions to problems.

You should already have done the research and determined what the main point of your target audience is before you create your problem-solving message to them. Simply state what the problem is and offer a solution.

As I mentioned, I’ve found the PASS system works for me. It keeps me grounded and rooted in delivering only what is needed to show the problem, aggravate or highlight it, and show a solving solution to that problem. PASS is an acronym for:


A- Aggravate or blow up the problem to makes sure the reader or viewer knows it’s about them.

S — Solving process of how the problem can be taken care of

S — Soothing solution that gives them relief and shows a mental image picture of what it looks like when your solution solving product or service is purchased and applied in their life.

When using the PASS method don’t forget to use emotional words that prompt people to act. People are motivated and make decisions based on emotions. Weave emotionally active words within your message that support what you’re selling and deliver the message packed with emotional words that prompt action.

3. Stress Benefits

Understand that your reader, video viewer, or podcast listener is not interested in anything but themselves. They aren’t looking for nor do they care about the wonderful features and descriptions of what your contraption is made of, its color, or anything except what “does it solve my problem.” All the other attributes are secondary.

Forget about color, what it’s made of, and the like unless these themselves are benefits that help solve the problem.

Relate everything to your reader and his or her needs. Talk benefits, not features. Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about them.

4. Make a Strong Offer

Just as people buy solutions rather than products, they also accept offers rather than purchases. If you’ve done a good job of showing the reader all the benefits of your product or service, you have to make a strong fair offer.

For example, don’t people don’t just subscribe to a publication, they accept an offer of 40% off the subscription price or an additional free 6-month subscription for a two-year subscription paid in advance.

People don’t buy a pair of shoes, they accept an offer to buy one pair of shoes and get another pair for free.

It could also be how to lose 30 pounds within 30 days without having to exercise or starve yourself or jeopardize your health, or it could be drinking a certain kind of water to increase your health and make your body an iron clade disease-fighting machine.

Your offer isn’t your price … it’s the special deal you’re presenting.

5. Guarantee Your Offer

People fear getting ripped off. So, when you make an offer you must eliminate any fear your reader may have by providing a way out. Most people won’t return your product or refuse your service after they’ve accepted your offer, they just need reassurance that they’re not locked into a deal forever.

Give them comfort and assurance with your product or service by reversing the risk they are taking. This is what a guarantee does. It reverses the risk and gives comfort in buying what you are offering.

Find a way to stand by your product with a rock-solid guarantee. The more you highlight it, the more the reader will trust you. Trust is what you want from them. This is what prompts them to buy now and in the future.

6. Tell Your Reader What to Do Next

Don’t assume your reader or viewers know what to do. They likely are intelligent, but don’t assume they will automatically know how to accept your offer. That is your job.

Clearly explain and tell them what to do. This is what is known as a “Call To Action” (CTA).

If you want them to fill out a form and subscribe to something tell them that and how to do it. If you want them to call, say so.

If you want them to book an appointment tell them so and give instructions on how to make that call and, of course, if you want them to buy ask them for the purchase and show them how to make it. Don’t leave anything to assumption or chance.

7. Make It Easy to Respond

Now that you’ve written a strong benefit-packed content marketing message that has a powerful and convincing call to action you must make it easy for your reader or viewer to respond.

Give them plenty of ways to respond. Use your contact information on your website. Give them a toll-free number they can call and have a representative that can respond immediately or create a Chatbot system to capture and respond to the call.

Provide a “book appointment button” on your website that they can make an appointment to speak directly to you or someone you designate.

Do whatever is appropriate for your circumstances to make it easy for the reader or viewer to say “YES” to your offer.


There you have it. A 7 step blueprint for creating an effective results-oriented content marketing sales system that you can use to generate prospects, develop a customer list, and convert sales continuously.

The only thing left is for you to put it into practice and test the system. Tweak it as necessary to make it work better. Don’t make more than one change at a time otherwise, you won’t know which change made the difference.

Be patient and understand that marketing is like a marathon. It takes time, strategy, endurance but if you stick with it you’ll reach the finish line which is sales for your business.

Finally, remember, none of this will work unless you do. Without action, I guarantee nothing good is going to happen.



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