Ice Scream Float

Loose Leaves From The Tree of Daydreams

A woman floats in an abandoned, empty office space. It is a large office floor that has glass walls with a view of the city. Image is black and white.
Composite by author. Photographs by Hennie Stander on Unsplash and by Marque Tan on Unsplash

Suddenly, a cloudy day alights from whispered years and like an eerie past, caresses the back of your neck and asks: have you forgotten yourself?

I didn’t perceive time. A lightness of mind came over me and blurred my vision. I moved my eyes and observed the text in front of me: it was a blot, no point…




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Iván Melicoff Abril

Iván Melicoff Abril

I write about and photograph life, nostalgia, love, melancholy and time. Find EROSION, my latest photo series, here

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