If You Are a Shy Person, Here Are Tips To Help You Stand Out Online.

The bluebook for introverts who cannot pull the trigger

Dennis De Silva
May 7 · 9 min read
Photo by JJ Jordan on Unsplash

People commonly believe that building a prominent reputation is reserved for the arrogant. There is a distinction between being too proud and throwing yourself out there. It is not about blending — but about differentiating, as a friend once told me.

Building a brand online is critical for everyone, and many people still underestimate the importance of being active online.

The importance of maintaining a positive online identity stems from the fact that it aids in the development of credibility, authority, and a positive picture in the eyes of others.

After meeting someone in person, I make it a point to connect with them online. Because it gives me some clout when cultivating a friendship with someone who is not part of my regular network circle.

Whatever part you play, catching attention and bringing them into your world gives you a better chance of being noticed and remembered.

It applies to:

  • Students who are shy and want to stand out in class;
  • Entrepreneurs who are just starting to create leads for their products and services.
  • Employees who like to advance in their careers and
  • Politicians who are new to the game want to build a high level of confidence.

Here are a few examples of personal testimonies.

  • I did not do well in this one class, but I passed the subject by consistently engaging in group activities and raising my hand for recitation.
  • With no paid Facebook ads, I was able to sell 300 books in just 2–3 weeks after launching a book and sharing my story about it on Facebook during prelaunch.
  • A senior leader in the office noticed the articles I wrote on LinkedIn, which improved my confidence ratings to manage crucial roles in the office.
  • In my town, a first-time councilor candidate won by leveraging her social media influence during her campaign.

By investing in your reputational value, you will learn how to leverage your name, even though you are afraid to do so. I will show you how to enumerate ways to construct a successful online brand, learn how to be noticed in your industry or workplace, develop a trusted network of peers, and create opportunities for yourself.

It is critical to study to turn things around in your business or career. The first step is self-awareness. And — followed by observing the success of other people. It also includes attending workshops and reading a lot of books to gain knowledge.

Education, in any form, provided me with the ammunition I needed to restart my life. I researched myself, observed others, and read a lot of books.

Transformation does not occur overnight, and no matter how valuable the information we possess, nothing happens unless we execute. Stop the paralysis of analysis and — do it! Do not entertain laziness and stop fearing the opinions of other people. You do not need to request permission from others.

To see progressive results, we must consistently apply what we learn in life. If we have a big goal, we must divide our plans into small steps.

The keyword here is baby steps: developing habits until they become a way of life. It is difficult to disrupt a lifestyle unless we are committed and motivated. It is similar to dieting. I lost 13 pounds by merely taking small steps.

Knowing our superpowers and using them to our advantage is the first step toward building a brand — like any other superhero film. Superheroes learn about their superpowers and work to improve them.

People usually go with the flow in life, having no idea what they are capable of (and what they want to do in life). Stop squandering time honing your flaws.

A previous boss once told me, you are too nice; you need to learn how to be rude sometimes. Then I began to wonder, Is there a problem with me? Is it necessary for me to yell at people and hit them on email?

It is okay to be yourself. Listen to others, but ultimately, speak your truth and come to terms with who you are and what you are capable of doing. If I have a weakness, I can use other people, resources, or means to compensate for it.

One must be true to himself in addition to discovering his strengths. Accept the things you can do as well as the things you struggle with daily. We are not perfect, but we can make do with what we have.

Your perspective must shift from outward to inward at this point.

What are your credentials? Can you tell me what you are capable of doing?

If you do not know, get a pen and paper and make a list of the skills you’ve learned at work, previous awards you’ve got, and current certifications you have. And if you’re still having trouble, think about the group you’re a part of, the books you always read, the videos you always watch, your interests, and your causes.

If you’re still looking for information on your superpowers, this list is — the best place to start.

Determine if you have expertise in the following areas

  • Interacting with others?
  • Do you want to give a public speech?
  • How about mentoring others?
  • Train people to develop skills?
  • Persuade new customers
  • Technology-savvy?
  • Ability to conclude?
  • Enjoy collecting and analyzing data
  • Effective at managing people?
  • Good at project management?
  • And the list goes on.

It’s a good idea to consider your vision and message after assessing your superpowers. You must figure out what brand you represent. It is hard to promote something you don’t know anything about, correct?

Are you confident in your brand? If that’s the case, what is it?

In my case, the moniker I use to introduce myself is Teacher Dennis or Tser Dennis in our local dialect. I am not a life expert, but I am happy to educate and share my faith, life, marriage, children, parenting, and work experiences.

What message do you want to send out to the rest of the world?

And once you’ve determined, adopt the mentality of a public relations company. Instead of being a one-size-fits-all kind of guy, branding needs to be niched.

Sticking to a single brand message is crucial for awareness and visibility. You can’t please everybody all of the time. However, you have something hidden that the general public will clamor for — and I am sure of that!

Are you the dependable human resource guy? A well-known outsourcing expert? Asia’s most trusted online entrepreneur? The practical CFO, or The world’s most honest tax advisor?

Find out for yourself and let it be known!

It is critical to understand the composition of your online network based on who you are targeting and your intention.

Is your goal in the future to impress, entertain, or win clients? Assume you work in public television — and your job is to distribute content. Whatever the form of the content is. Whether the goal is to inform or entertain the public, it must be consistent with your brand’s message and target!

End of the day, your content should benefit a specific audience. Determine what your target audience desires. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all workaround.

If you want to persuade people to buy from you or believe in what you do — one of the most effective strategies is to draw people closer to you by inviting them to join your network.

When I invite people to LinkedIn, I want them to become acquainted with me. Other than befriending them, I need to establish and gain their trust in me. The more visible I am to them, the more at ease they will be with me. That is how you get noticed and build relationships.

You must decide what type of content you will share and how you will generate a large amount of content.

The most exciting part of this process is deciding what topics to discuss.

Some may find this part difficult, but as an initial step, anyone can source content based on his or her experience or topics found on the Internet. End of the day, we must stay true to our brand’s vision and message.

Using a mind-mapping tool to generate content and eventually share it with the public is one method. Mind mapping is a visual thinking tool that aids in the framing and analysis of information. It is a good idea to grab a pen and paper to get started on the topics you want to discuss.

If you are predisposed to anything related to leadership, you can use this as a focal point. Any topic you have in mind, such as dealing with difficult people, managing a team, or increasing emotional quotient, can be plotted in the mind-mapping tool.

You can share many different types of content.

  • Articles are a type of written content.
  • Videos are a type of visual content.
  • Podcast: a type of audio content
  • E-book: a lengthy written piece of content

It is critical to have catchy headlines for any content type you will share online to capture attention. A great headline would be the first step in engaging your audience and getting them to read, watch, or listen to the rest of your content.

Frame the headlines to capture people’s attention and entice them to take action. A piece of content with no headline is akin to a book or film with no title!

Your article can produce six or more pieces of content out of a long narrative.

Image source: Author using Canva

You may come up with a motivational quote.

Image source: Author using Canva

Insert wise words into a personal picture as the context

Image source: Trending Memes via Google edited by author using Canva

Inserting excerpts from the article can be done with a humorous illustration

Image source: Author using Canva

The article’s text can be rewritten [to capture the same idea] and turned into an infographic

Image source: Author using StoryboardThat

Create a comic strip based on the theme of the post

Image source: Author’s LinkedIn account
Image source: Author using Canva
  • Create new quotes by referencing other people’s comments on your original article.

Regular content posting allows you to stay connected and visible to your target audience. The more consistent we are, the better brand recall we will have. Being aligned with your brand message will attract both returning and new customers. It will also add credibility to your reputation.

Regardless of its purpose or intention, visual indicators such as likes, reach, and shares indicate the performance of your campaign.

And remember that it is critical to assess the performance of your online posts using basic metrics such as likes, reach, shares, and overall engagement.


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