Jacob Marley’s Chains and Jacob McHardy

Props in an Indian school play and the art teacher who made them.

Jacob Marley’s ghost comes to visit Ebenezer Scrooge dragging his heavy chains of sin, picture from scene in play at Little Flower School, Tatanagar, India

I have seen Chittaranjan and Maligaon India kids who go to, and get into, some trouble for props for skits.

Sometimes, a student paints a zebra crossing. Other times, a student uses intrepid ingenuity to get motorcycle handlebars for his play. Once, a student in…




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Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

3xTop Writer. Jamshedpur, India. Dentist, mom of 2 girls, lives in a joint family, in love with the written word.

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