Let It Rain

Music by Constant Goddard and lyrics and vocals by me

Robert Trakofler
2 min readDec 1, 2020


Photo by Robert Trakofler

Stroll this sphere
Of souls
Strides unclear
-ly shown
strain and fear
Take toll
Gets cold
Scattered tears
Take hold
Stealing years


Can see
The art
Run free
cry …
the plea’s
of hearts
the scenes
of dreams
set free
rain art
on me

let it


© 2020 Robert Trakofler

I came across this music quite by (A very happy)accident, Constant had sent me a link to a playlist that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to! My curiosity led me to search for more of his music and this song so resonated with me I wrote lyrics to it! This doesn't happen to me very often, usually i write from song fragments from a musician and weave them together in a melody but every once in a while a song just hits me like electricity directly into my core.

The song lyrics are about the grace of presence of mind to see the beauty and art that surrounds us everywhere that sometimes gets obscured by the trials of life. I thought this was an especially poignant message to share right now given the difficulties we are all facing in these times of pandemic strife.

Constant Goddard is a composer from Luxembourg his music ranges from jazzy electronic to new age fusion to more classic compositions. (I have never been a big fan of labels) they never really capture nor define an artists voice but if you asked me my definition of his work I would say his music is much like a poem in so far as it’s sense of channeling… I have befriended many musicians over the years and one common thread I have found is (and I always ask them eventually) is the question do you feel your work is a manifestation of the self or of something outside of themselves invariably they all answer from the outside. He also produces music under the moniker Aloboi here are some links to his music please give it a listen I promise you will not be disappointed:)

As always, thank you for reading and or listening to my scrawls a poem and a song are nothing without a witness and for yours I am eternally grateful!



Robert Trakofler

Poetry & lyric writer, drummer & vocalist Owner of an art gallery, antique store, Vegan restaurant and performance venue in Pittsburgh called The Zenith.