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Life-Improving Blueprint for More Authentic, Impactful Daily Journaling

2000 years ago three Stoics mastered the art of self-reflection

Way to authentic, impactful journaling. Close-up of fountain pen on paper.
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I started writing daily in a journal about 40 years ago. Back then my purpose was to record my thoughts, experiences, and responses to those experiences. What…




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Simple Stoic Advice

Peeling Back The Gilding

Simple Stoic Advice

Invisibility of Life

Thought Spirals.

Diwali and the Bayesian Pursuit for Answers..

Epicurus, the justified social anger and the anti-vax movement

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Lee Nourse

Lee Nourse

“When I said I hoped my dreams would come true, I meant the GOOD ones.” Cheers and may your best dreams come true here………….

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