What I’ve Learned From Spending My Twenties In Chronic Pain

How my chronic back pain started, my healing journey, and how it’s made me who I am.

Vincent Van Patten


Photo of the author on the back extension machine-the key to regaining lower back health.

When I talk about my chronic back pain, I often focus on the lessons learned as opposed to the actual story. I’ve hesitated to lay it out plainly; I fear being judged, or I simply don’t think people want to hear a depressing story about a man in pain.

I want to encourage people with my writing, so I say things like, I’m on the path to healing. It’s been the greatest teacher of my life, and I wouldn’t be who I am without the pain. These are all genuine statements, but there’s more to it.

Encouragement comes not only from feel-good sentiments. Perhaps more so, it comes from knowing there’s somebody out there who feels the way you do.

I’ve felt on my own in this for so long. But now I know there are countless others like me who are experiencing something similar; I write this for them. I write this for myself. I write this for anyone who’s enduring what they can’t understand.