One Last Plea

Every human being is worthy of mercy and to be free from abuse regardless of their health choices

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Love, mercy, and rebirth come through the Spirit of Christmas. Deepening on this: How can we grow closer to God through one another? We each have opportunities to release parts of the material world that may not serve us and explore the spiritual realm that awaits — and already…




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I Chose A Pornographic Book To Illustrate God’s Perfect Love

On the door of the Casa del Balilla this graffiti says “GOD IS GAY”. The casa del Balilla is located in Legnano, Lombardy, Italy. Picture taken on the 27th of january in 2022

When I Was A Child, I Thought I Was the Antichrist

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Sienna Mae Heath

Sienna Mae Heath

Empowering empaths and survivors through story. Moving to Substack:

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