Philosophy Is an Undervalued Way to Add Meaning to Your Life

You are unique. Your problems? Hahaha, nope!

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Do you also think that talking about philosophy makes you a turn-off, or can you openly share how you see the world without reacting to judgy eyes?

In my apartment, I’m the philosopher because there are so many questions in our heads that if we give philosophy a chance to enlighten us, it can purify our thought process.

Philosophy adds meaning to your life.

The most popular philosophy that successful personalities adopt is stoicism.

It is so common that “stoically” has become an adverb.

But you don’t have to follow a single philosophy because all the successful personalities are doing so.

You can browse history to see what great thinkers have already figured out what you’re going through.

Stoicism has evolved since its inception. But it’s not the only one.

Philosophy teaches you how to enjoy life.

If you search about the origin of stoicism, you’ll find one more philosophy that spread around the same period as stoicism.

The second philosophy is epicureanism. Or what the shallow Millenials call “hedonism.”

Since these two philosophies spread at the same time, their aim is the same:

“Find your life’s purpose.”

Don’t believe what you can’t verify.

Nihilism is so battered that we repurpose its meaning as:

“Life is meaningless.”

But, if you dive deep, this is not what Nietzsche meant.

I’ve researched optimist nihilism. The revelation which I saw will change your views about nihilism:

It is not what you expect from life. The gem is in what life expects from you. You’re here for a reason – finding it is half-the job.

Final words

Summarising any philosophy in one sentence is like explaining a tv series of multiple seasons in one line.

Here’s why I love these three philosophies and how you can combine them to add meaning to your life. Of course, feel free to experiment with other thought schools too!

If you resonate with the thoughts below, you’ll be more controlling when life falls apart:

  1. Stoicism teaches about endurance in hardships.
  2. Epicureanism teaches life is a pursuit of pleasure in a controlled manner.
  3. Optimism nihilism is how you add meaning to your life instead of expecting the Universe to work for you.

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Sanjeev is a writer, mentor and recovering shopaholic. He writes about lifelong learning, productivity, relationships, and practical psychology for everyday life. When he’s not busy with his muse, he is sweating either in a workout or emulating outdoor games in his home because of the pandemic. He also chronicles his writing and fitness journey on Instagram.



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