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Pip Decks Storyteller Tactics Review

What is it all about, really?

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Storyteller Tactics cards: a rainbow of ideas (image via Amazon*)

Summary: TL;DR


Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time — like last week — I began being bombarded with advertising for something called Storyteller Tactics. You know the way the internet algorithms get a bone between their teeth and give it a good old shake and you can’t help but get all shook up with it?

They even had an engaging video advert:

I was intrigued, clicked on the link and found that the product was a deck of oversized cards offering to teach how to tell stories. Stories that could be used in presentations, to sell ideas, to interest readers and keep them reading.

As a writer, I like to think that I can tell a story but as an editor, I’m quite sure that I know a lot of people who could use these.

You know the deal. You write something, you pour your heart into it, do all the research, live, breathe, eat, and sleep with the characters. Publish it online and crickets. Nobody reads it, nobody sticks to the end.

You make maybe ten cents for something that took a day out of your life. Is that fair?

The answer is simple. Make your article into a story. Or add a story to it. Or tell your story better.

We all love stories, right?

Problem and Solution

So that’s the problem and don’t tell me you don’t want more readers.

The solution is Storyteller Tactics. You don’t necessarily need to buy the product — and it is pricey — but if you want to lift your game, you need to learn the lessons and put them into practice.

It works for anybody.

Even if you are just cranking out self-help stories with the help of an AI robot that you aren’t mentioning.

These storyteller tactics aren’t anything new and you don’t really need the cards — though the card system is brilliant and fun to use — but everyone can use the ideas, the styles, the characters, the structures, and the recipes to write better articles.

As an editor, I want writers to submit more entertaining stories.

Everyone wins

The writers get more readers and more reader time and more money in their pocket.

The editors get more fun out of going through the slush pile of submissions.

The publication owner gets more readers, happier readers, higher numbers and their happiness flows down to everybody.

And the readers — we’re all for the readers, remember, without anyone reading the wheels fall off — the readers enjoy their experience and come back for more and the whole world smiles.

A happy world

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My review, chapter by chapter

There are a million stories in the Naked City and there are 54 cards in the Storyteller Tactics deck. I can’t cover the whole thing in one go so I’m looking at the cards and the stories in detail in dedicated articles. Dip in and out according to taste and interest.

Here’s the first chapter in my review. You want more readers and you want them to read to the end of your story. Here is the product that gives you the skills to make that happen:

Something for free. Don’t skip this one. Seriously. It will save you a shipload of money.

Other voices. Read (and watch) some independent reviews. Don’t just trust the hype and the hard sell.

How the system works and why it is so important.

A look at the physical product.

Recipes: Stories that Sell

A look at a puzzling card in the deck: Abstractions.

Styles: Three is the Magic Number!

Story Structures: Man in a Hole

More chapters in this ongoing review to come. Keep checking back here!

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Other decks: Laws of UX review

I was so impressed by Storyteller Tactics that I looked through the other decks offered by Pip Decks and got a copy of Laws of UX. A different design philosophy but much the same physical product, full of fascinating insights into User Experience jargon and techniques.

There are other decks, and I’ll get around to them in due course but storytelling is my main focus right now because I think that improving the way we reach our audience is something of universal relevance, no matter what line of work we are in.


Use my discount code BRITNIPEPPER to get 15% off. I get a few dollars in return. The bold links above are affiliates, same deal. Or just go to the website, no strings attached, look around, discover the system for yourself.

I believe in these cards. They are the wisdom of storytellers, passed on from ages past. The tactics work. They are a secret guide in the palm of your hand, and while they are expensive, they come with a money back guarantee.


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