Rainbows In A Jar

A collection of my best short stories

Liam Ireland


Photograph by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Since joining Illumination I have written quite a wide variety of articles, short stories and poems. However, like my life in general, it all became a bit of a clutter. So I have finally decided to try to impose some sort of order, starting with a collection of nine short stories.

My first attempt at the short story form on Illumination began with a series of three short pieces for children centred around a character called Katie. I did have it in mind to develop the Katie series further, and I still might, but I decided in the end to put Katie on the back burner whilst I developed other ideas.

The fourth of the short stories presented here, 'A Life Of Heaven On Earth', was something of a prosaic soliloquy capturing an early morning joust with my lovely wife as she got ready to go out to work.

The final five short stories are examples of me developing the two themes of science fiction and the supernatural which are clearly evident in the Katie series. To be honest, I never set out to follow those two paths, or if I did I did so subconsciously. For me, it just happened that way, in no small part due to exceptional personal circumstances.

I do think that life really is quite mysterious and that deep within the zone of semi-transparent cloudiness that…