Steal My Writing Inspiration Ritual Destined to Uplift Your Mood in 30 Minutes

Because sharing happiness is the crux to increase it.

Sanjeev Yadav
May 16 · 4 min read
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Since I understood the science behind states, it is magical how fast time swings by when you’re doing an activity just because it makes you feel alive in the present moment.

Five years ago, I only had humour as a tool to make friends or cheer myself in solitude. Once I found a set of skills that can make you an exciting person to be around, the combination excels for motivating you in isolation too.

Mindfulness for serenity.

I’ve found when the activities [ mentioned later in this post ] are clubbed to execute in a balanced way, they are poised to uplift your mood from any sludge.

Especially when you wake up and have no idea where to direct your life in the next few minutes, my mindfulness ritual will help you.

Since I don’t wait around for inspiration to find me, I’ve created a writing preparation ritual that I also follow whenever I get a tiny hint of existential crisis or boredom.

See below what idea sparks joy with you, and if you customise it according to your preference, you will come up with your tweaked energising rituals.

#1. Music

I am an extrovert. Until a few years back, I only listened to EDM and twerked in public.

As frightening as it looks, it turns out no one cares about your groove as long as you’re not stealing theirs.

So put on your headphones ( noise-cancelling audio will flow in the zone ) and let your inner child get lost with whatever it wants to sync with the Universe.

When I listen to music, I mute all the notifications, listen to some evergreen songs, and just let my body sway in whatever style my heart wants it to swing.

#2. Sunlight

I’ll keep this section shortest.

Everyone knows sunlight is the most significant source of energy that we waste.

Don’t believe me? Try spending 10 minutes every day in the sun before noon to experience its effect on your mood.

Apart from Vitamin D for healthy bones and muscles, sunlight helps your brain release serotonin hormone.

Serotonin is the calmness hormone that keeps you in a light mood and boosts focus. It is also beneficial in enhancing sleep quality.

#3. Walk

The most accessible exercise you can do while sitting on a work-from-home chair [ or bed or floor ] is neck rotation and ultra-fast typing. Sure, it will feel like you’re taking a tiny step towards mental and physical health, but it won’t flow your creative juices as walking does.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

I didn’t know the benefits of walking unless I overcame my writer’s block by doing it out of sheer curiosity.

Once I found the solution for writer’s block on the internet, guess what the number one solution was.

You guessed right. It is

Walking is the most straightforward non-strenuous exercise you can do to uplift your mood.

Especially if you’re not talking to someone while walking, it gives you quality time with nature while enjoying the tremendous benefits of self-awareness from introspective solitude.

Final words

I do the above three activities every day in the following two cases:

  • generate ideas for writing, and
  • energise my soul with positivity

There is also a fourth activity that is tedious, but you already know its benefits — sacrificing the internet.

Taking scheduled breaks from the internet helps you escape information overload and gain back a little me-time. Now, personal reflection is more important than ever as we get so much time to spend with ourselves.

If you can devote 30 minutes every day to adopt the inspiration ritual I shared here, your brain will thank you for it.

If you become great by customising according to your needs, you might even take just 10 minutes to set your mood according to your liking.

Spent some quality time with yourself to realise how solitude can have a lasting impact on your happiness, serenity and productivity as a whole.


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