The Four physical Passages of your Intimacy

Do you have full possession of each passage?

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We have narrow points of passage that are ways in and out between our intimacy and the outside world. Do you have the full sovereignty on these apertures or did someone get hold of them?

Your full sovereignty on them guarantees your full power over yourself and your expression. In geography these passages called strait or isthmus are positions of power. We can see it in Crimea or in Gibraltar… These are the gateways between two worlds. They are the bottlenecks where power has to grow denser and more vulnerable.

When you are an actor, you learn to open or close them to modulate your personal power. You populate the space around you with your being, this is called charisma or sovereignty because you radiate your being around your physical body. People feel it around you and respect it, you are in your full power and expression. Your power is to modulate these doors, closing and opening to filter what enters your being.

These points are grossly the sex, the solar plexus, the throat and the fontanelle corresponding to the root chakra, the solar chakra, the throat chakra and the crown one.

In our lives, we go through key moments : birth, age of reason, puberty, entry in adulthood… Anyone may warp the energy at these very vulnerable moments, to change its future direction.

How this is possible? Well by tattooing this energy with a thought, an emotion or an action. This is a common practice in a patriarchal world where values are inverted.

The most evident abuse is the rape where an intruder opens the door with violence, denying the existence of a being inside the body. This trauma creates a deep dysfunction for the victim as s/he has no more power to close or open this way to the world.

An other one is to assault, even verbally to reach the solar plexus and enter the energetic body.

When you cannot express yourself through censorship or when no one accepts to listen to you, or when language is coded and sophisticated to prevent those with little education to speak, it’s a way to put a lid on your expression.

Patriarchy has many means to close the ways to the access to one’s spiritual part and cut ourselves from the crown chakra and beyond. They use mainly ideology, whether it be scientism or through religious institutions or through politics. They use speech to convince us to shut up our heart voice and any access to other realms.

From birth to death, women are bathed in a masculine desire fog. All these concupiscence thoughts are not just thoughts, they become words and actions. These incestuous thoughts begin at the birth when women come in this world as a baby and through their whole life they are objectified and reduced as an object of desire.

Women have to reclaim their full power over their four passage points before playing the preponderant role they are entitled to perform.

Women have the gift of shedding blood for life, while men have taken the reverse power of shedding blood for death. — During a shroom session, the Goddess Unveiled her Plans for Gaia

They need to recover the full sovereignty on these four straits. Then the fake power that we have endured for centuries and millennia will vanish as they’ll wake up. This is the real Revolution for Humans.

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