The Life of Brian

Always look on the bright side of life.

ArtfullyAutistic ∙ The Beauty of Autism Within the Written Word, Music, and the Visual Arts
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Deep within the soul of each of us is a space where we are a step beyond contentment and a rise above happiness that yearns to be known to ourselves, and when revealed we are at our purest form of joy and I believe it to be the very essence the definition of what it means and feels like to be human, and in and of itself is the answer to any and all questions of existentialism as this space, if revealed to you, is the inarguable, irrefutable, eternally immutable reason for our very existence.

Think of all the moments in your life when you said to yourself; “This is what it feels like to be alive.” The experience itself may differ from person to person, but it resides not in these things, as the essence of it is hidden deeper than the words you speak, and hidden in the spaces between the words that formed the very sentence.

It is more that the feeling of exhilaration, as when climbing a mountain and from the top, while in that space viewing the glory of the world around you, and the pride in conquering your difficult ascent.

It is more powerful than the feeling of being enthralled, as when standing near the launch of a space shuttle or rocket that shakes your body through to its deepest extent.

It is is beyond the deepest love that you can give beyond the greatest of emotional expense.

It is greater than the combination of both, and deeper than feeling the warmth of the sun from both sides all at once.

It is more intense than the indescribable way a mother feels when the baby she has has just given birth to is cradled in her arms, a new life that now exists.

It is greater than the summation of all the good times that have happened in your life, now, and from the past.

It becomes apparent through unyielding faith in God that you are no more and no less than the conviction that His Word is infallibly true.

Think of all the things that have been described as the most beautiful song ever written, or yet to be composed. In each of our brains, networks of neurons move not in a random dance, but as a rhythmic synaptic pattern, mirrored in melodic sync, and one must always think, whatever bucket list you use:

“Never, ever die with your music still inside of you.”

ArtfullyAutistic ∙ The Beauty of Autism Within the Written Word, Music, and the Visual Arts
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