The Nightly Journaling Ritual That Changed My Life

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I introduced this concept I also learned from Jim Rohn called strategy pages which is where you have a strategy journal for any goal that takes you over a year to achieve and every night you feel frustrated you just write down one strategy page now in this story I want to introduce this strategy journal philosophy how I’ve used it and how it’s made a big impact on my life.

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What is the Strategy Book?

let’s start with the what alright what is this strategy book or a strategy journal so with Jim Rohn he talks about the days where you want to give up the days you want to quit or when you’re dealing with a very frustrating goal that the trajectory is so long like we’re talking in the years.

Now there are many many hundreds or thousands of days where you want to quit so what you do is you buy moleskin or a notebook whatever you like and then every day that you’re frustrated ideally every day but for me, it was every day I wanted to quit I would just write down a couple of things.

The first thing is what is not working.

let’s say you’re trying to lose weight and you followed this diet plan that you thought would help you and yet your weight has not changed your weights gone up something has gone down the weight has gone down but you don’t look any fitter you write down what’s not working my YouTube Channels not growing.

I’m broken in debt

I’m still single

Whatever you want it to be what is not working to find the problem.

The second thing is what barriers are coming up

Because again you want to systematically and strategically overcome each one of those barriers so it could be you know.

I cooked one day this week and I did that every week for the last four weeks and I haven’t lost weight okay barrier is I’m not losing weight even though I cooked once per week.


Hey, I’m still single why am I still single I don’t know I went out three times this week to the bar and I didn’t meet any girls or I didn’t meet any guys well that’s the barrier. I went out but I didn’t get to meet anybody okay.

I want to write my book or I want to start my YouTube channel well I uploaded five videos and there are no viewers that are the barrier I uploaded content no one’s watching.

I only wrote 50 words in my book and I need to write a hundred thousand for it to actually get published define the barriers one of the things really holding you back and systematically not working you know.

I need to pay off my debt but I don’t earn enough money to actually save any of it or my expenses are too high get all the barriers down there on paper.

Now from here what I do is:

I write down ten ideas per barrier

So I’m eating healthy and I think I’m going to the gym enough but I’m not losing weight.

What are ten other ideas I can so maybe I need to go to the gym four days a week instead of two maybe I need to cook four days a week instead of one day maybe I need to sleep more than five hours maybe I need to stop having soda every day or have one soda instead of three sodas?

Get down ten ideas I’m in debt I’m trying to get out of debt what are 10 ideas

I can do in the earn more money category it could get a second job work on the weekends to be a bartender start freelancing tutor French write earn more income save income.

I could cancel those subscriptions that cost me $100 a month put that towards paying off my debt maybe it’ll take 2–3 years maybe it won’t what can I do to cut my expenses even more if I have to I can not go on that trip I planned with that 3000 towards my debt.


I can stop going to the bar and dropping $80.00 every Friday night that’s like 300 dollars 350 a month that could go towards paying off your debt so just idea dump have this idea.

Sex magic happening all over the page and try to get ten for each of the things you’re working on.

The final step for me is I always end the page with okay this is what’s going on this is that

I will not quit any matter.

What it’s corny but I put the affirmation there if you’re really going after a goal for years you will feel a lot of pain I have there’s no other way to put it I felt so much pain so many negative emotions for years not just like a couple of weeks, not just a couple months but years of Smashing your head on the wall and some goals that are just what it takes.

So I would put affirmations usually from the greatest in the world or Think and Grow Rich these are just affirmations for improving your life and on the bottom.

I always end it with the three habits I can implement right now so you may have a hundred ideas for how to improve your life or overcome these barriers but that doesn’t mean anything unless they’re implemented.


So what I do is I focus on number one what’s most likely to work and number two what is easiest to implement because having a sheet of 100 things that improve your life is overwhelming and instead if you focus on the three habits you can do tomorrow that are the easiest to implement and most likely to work.

You’re gonna actually do them and again at the end of the day it comes down to implementation not much else really works if you don’t do something so that is how I would recommend you doing a strategy journal or do strategy pages.

I would do it every night honestly and that’s why I’m currently in the development phases of creating my Product journal to do that because there isn’t a journal that I personally use that really is aligned with the strategy pages idea and also kind of the philosophy.

Hope you enjoy it!



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