The Pledge to Safeguard the Election …

Alex Crisafulli
2 min readJan 5, 2021

… is printed below with a link at the end to enable you to sign and forward it.

To all political candidates, office holders, electoral officials, military officers or any other relevant persons:

Image by cgrape from Pixabay

Abide by the results of the 2020 election and a peaceful transfer of power in accordance with modern American electoral procedures; or be held severely accountable in subsequent elections and in any legal ways possible.

Why is this important?

President Trump is operating outside the boundaries of modern electoral processes by refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and threatening to overturn the Electoral College results through the 12th Amendment or even potentially by calling for a second election under martial law. The sooner and more firmly these ideas are rejected by a politically active citizenry, the easier they will be to repulse. Signing this petition is just the first step of several in making a sustained, coordinated effort towards resolving disputes concerning the presidential election and all other elections peacefully and fairly in a way that preserves the freedom of our democracy.

We the undersigned, in order to ensure a presidential transition in accordance with modern American electoral procedures and constitutional principles, commit as individual citizens, as candidates for or already elected to political office, and as electoral and military officials of all capacities to abide by the Constitution of the United States of America and modern electoral processes and judicial decisions in order to determine the outcome of any and all elections.

We expect that all votes will be counted in the manner proscribed by each individual state and that all electors will follow the popular vote and/or the customary modern electoral procedures of their particular states.

We affirm that local and state electoral officials, systems and courts are the legal authorities regarding any election, even for ones challenged for improprieties; including that for President of the United States; and that the Supreme Court is the final authority regarding any case appealed from lower courts.

We furthermore affirm the judicial system and ultimately the Supreme Court as the ultimate arbiter between the President and Congress or any other entity (whether this be a state, local, military or a civil institution) regarding adjudication of the legitimacy of any declared “state of emergency” related to the electoral process.

As political candidates, office holders and electoral or military officials we expect to be held accordingly answerable to the electorate.

Our signatures as citizens are our pledge to advance these propositions and to demand that electoral officials abide by them, or we will hold officials who fail to do so severely accountable in subsequent elections and in whatever other legal ways possible.

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