The Poetry of a Lifelong Friendship

The author (right) with his best friend Phil at the Woodstock 25th anniversary event, August 1994,
in Saugerties, N.Y. Photo by an unnamed reveler. The two regret
not taking a camera to the original festival in 1969.

Shortly after moving from our chicken farm in central New Jersey to the teeming Philadelphia suburb of Levittown, Pa., there was a knock on our screen door. It was the kid from across the street — said his name was Phil — asking if I wanted to come outside and play football with him and his brother. We were 10, and it was two days before the start of sixth grade — Sept. 2, 1962.



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Martin D. Hirsch

Martin D. Hirsch


Lapsed singer-songwriter, 35-year accidental company man, citizen of The Woodstock Nation, avid essayist, occasional poet, aspiring author, dogged evolutionary.