The Unexpected Change in Social Interactions When I Went Bald for 3 Months

What matters more than looks is confidence and a wide smile.

Photo by Marco D’Emilia on Unsplash

I’m in a Slack group with 40 other creators, where we post daily on LinkedIn to expand our reach and leverage it as a platform for content creators.

If networking is daunting for you, too, that’s not news. Connecting with new people is not supposed to be easy. That’s why I’m doing it with a community where we support each other.

Tom Kuegler has started this idea and if you want to be a part of his next sprint, reach out to him.

Bald can be your style.

Recently, a fellow sprinter posted about his experience of going bald.

It stirred my memories from when I went all head-naked in 2015 to take care of my scalp. Pffft! I ended up enjoying the bald look so much that I forgot about medication and instead counted the few months I had with no strand on my head.

It was a bold decision for me. I was scared about the reactions from my friends and crushes because of my new look.

What matters more than looks?

It turns out no one cares about your look as much as you think. What people notice about you are confidence and a biiiiiiiig smile.

In the initial days of going bald, I planned not to talk with many people. I wanted to wear a cap to hide the reality.

But no one behaved differently with me. Instead, some of my friends even wanted to shave their heads because of the confidence I showed.

Final words

Little do we know that our stories can relate to the right people and motivate them to take the bold step.

If you prioritise self-care and are confident in whatever way to practice it, you’ll enjoy whatever look you choose.

I won’t go bald anytime in future, but when the thought of short hair comes to my mind, I always think it is easier to manage shorter hair. But bald? That’s something I won’t go for because now my hair is healthy.

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Sanjeev is a writer, mentor and recovering shopaholic from India. He writes about lifelong learning, personal growth, and positive psychology. When he’s not busy with his muse, he’s sweating either in a workout or badminton. He also chronicles his writing and fitness journey on Instagram. He shares daily inspiration with #ThoughtForTheDay on Twitter.




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Sanjeev Yadav

Sanjeev Yadav

Writer • Mentor • Recovering Shopaholic • IITR 2019 • ✍🏼 Personal Growth, Positive Psychology & Lifelong Learning• IG: sanjeevai • List:

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