The Wallet-Burning Hidden Costs of a Lamborghini

0-to-60 mph in 2.9 seconds without a cup holder

Photo by Denys Gromov from Pexels

How many times have you seen the photo of someone leaning against a yellow Lamborghini as proof of their success in life?

Do you think you can afford one?

To start with, a Lamborghini costs anywhere between $200,000 to $500,000, depending on the year and model.

That’s the good news :-)

The bad news is (one of the many), it starts to depreciate the second you drive it off the dealership.

A Lamborghini Aventador selling for about $442K will depreciate 31% after 5 years — if you take excellent care of your jewel and drive it only 12,000 miles a year. In 10 years, you will lose 60% of its value.

So are you ready to lose $137K in 5 years, or $27K a year?

Would you invest $442K in stocks if you knew for sure that you will lose 31% of it within 5 years and 60% in 10 years?

You are not going to park your Lamborghini on the street or in your driveway, are you? The burglars and sh*t-bomb-dropping pigeons will love you for it.

You need a multi-million dollar house with a well-protected inside garage, complete with CCTV and alarm systems, to protect your baby.

Have you thought about the insurance on a Lamborghini? Let’s talk again after you figure that out. (HINT: It may cost between $5,424 and $7,949 per year, or $454 to $662 a month.)

On which roads will you sink the pedal of your Lamborghini to the metal? The Lamborghini Veneno, for example, has a top speed of 356 KM/H (221 mph). You’ll rocket from zero to 60 in 2.9 seconds and get a hefty speed ticket under 3 seconds as well.

I hope you have a sturdy bottom, no back issues, and a pair of healthy ears because Lambo also happens to be one of the hardest- and loudest-driving vehicles in the world.

Are you living in a city, county, or state that collects property tax on cars? On average that’s $4.57 per $100 of the assessed value of your vehicle.

A Lamborghini costs anywhere between $200,000 to $500,000, depending on the year and model. Are you ready to pay $9,147 to $22,850 a year in taxes, just for the pleasure of breaking the speed limit every time you drive to the supermarket to fetch a gallon of milk?

Don't worry if your brakes are squeaking. A qualified Lamborghini mechanic can fix your brakes for anywhere between $5,000 to $30,000. No problem.

A Lamborghini is a two-seater. What are you going to do when you have a baby? A dog? Or want to give your friends a ride? Hold that thought and sit tight on it, pun unintended.

Oh, you have a luggage set or a few household items you want to carry in glory from point A to point B? Sorry. Lamborghini has a front trunk big enough only for a single duffle bag.

A set of four regular Lamborghini tires costs $1,500 to $2,000 on average. A set of Avendator Pirelli 83X tires cost $5,949. Make sure not to go over that nasty nail on the road.

The whole point of owning a Lamborghini is to show the world that you own the newest and baddest beast money can buy. But ooops! That was last year’s model. Are you ready to trade in yours at a loss and move up to this year’s model? And do it again next year?

Your Lambo will definitely be the envy of the neighborhood, including those miserable losers who’d be itching to drive a key across her expensive paint.

Getting in and out of your vehicle could be a problem too, due to Lambo’s very low frame and ground clearing. Take yoga and Pilates classes to keep flexible, to get in and out of your supercar without throwing your back. Just don’t tumble over and make a spectacle of yourself.

And sorry, Lamborghini does not have a cup holder either. I don't recommend holding your hot Starbucks cup in your hand when you are taking that turn at 200 mph.

So partner, do you feel successful yet?



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