The World Needs Love

EP McKnight, MEd
2 min readNov 5, 2023


A poem about how to cure loneliness.

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“Every man’s work shall be made manifest:….” (1 Corinthians 3:13).

I’m Lonely

Sitting in a dismal room
No one to talk with, I feel so alone
Worthless, no one cares
I asked, “God, millions of people in creation
And no one to hear me or care, how could this be?”
God replied, “My child, how can you be lonely?
I made you one of the most unique creatures in the universe
You have a talent that only you can do. You must seek it out
Look around you. There is none other like you
Though there are millions of you, male and female
From sea to sea, to every corner of the world
There is so much that could be done
Needs to be done and should be done
How can you be lonely?
Loneliness is cured with love
You were created out of love
You must love everybody, male and female
Love each other and help each other
Work with each other and encourage each other
Share with each other and compliment each other
Support each other.
My child, how can you be lonely?
Today, did you take time to say I love you to someone
Your neighbor, a friend, mother, father, relative or child?
Did you help the needed?
Did you spend a moment encouraging the down-trodden?
Did you share a kind word with a passerby?
Did you do anything to make this world a better place to live
For yourself and others?
Are you not doing what I created you to do?
Your loneliness is by…



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