Think About it — Hell is Not Some Underground Scorching Place, It is Here

We Live in Hell

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Where Do Your Beliefs Lie?

Do you believe there is a heaven and hell? If so, why? I do not believe there is a hell and heaven to me is the infinite, cosmic universe where we are all from and return to. How did I come to this conclusion?

Tragedy Struck my Family

In 2007, my son died in a pedestrian accident. He was a healthy 20-year-old sophomore in college and a wonderful young man. My world collapsed. The pain was killing me.

“Why? He was a good and respectful citizen. Why him?” I thought.

“And why me? I was always an obedient daughter, an excellent student, a loyal employee, a wonderful mother, and a wife. What did I do to deserve this? What am I paying for?” That is when it hit me. There was nothing worse than that could happen to me.

“I am living in hell,” I screamed.

Yes, because to outlive your own child is a nightmarish hell. I would never be happy again, and how could I?

The Image I Could Never Forget

While grieving, I had time to think and analyze what happened. The more I tried to rationalize it, the more I believed I was living in hell. Then I thought about an image that circulated the internet some time ago and left me in total shock. The 1993 image of a famine-stricken child crawling towards the food camp and a vulture waiting for the child to die so that it can eat him. This story confirmed my newfound belief. There is no hell below us, there is no fire waiting underneath to scorch or torture us. We live in hell — poverty, rapes, murders, robberies, illnesses — if this is not hell, then I do not know what is.

What did this child do to deserve such a horrific life? My parents and the church taught me we pay for our sins in hell once we die. If so, why do some people suffer so much and live such a hellish life?

The Spirit World Opened my Eyes

It was not until I began communicating with my son in the spirit world through mediumship that I realized that once you die; you are free. There is no more suffering, no pain, no going to hell for eternity. It made sense to me. We live it on Earth for a time being and we decide how long that time will be.

I am no longer living in hell. Whatever karma I had to pay, I paid with the death of my son. I am at peace with his death and live a fulfilled and happy life. And I know my son would not have wanted it any other way.

Therefore, do you believe there is a hell? If so, why? Think about it.

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