True Story: What F’ing A__hole Cop is Gonna Arrest a Neighbor?!

Marijuana?… It’s Oregano. OhKAY!?🤣

A picture of gifts I shared on my Instagram last year…it’s oregano OKAY:)

One day, my farmer neighbor gave my daughter a marijuana bush. She asked me to keep it at my house cuz the scent was so strong she couldn’t keep it in her college dorm rooms…Weed wasn’t legal yet.

I left it outside to get some fresh air while I went on a road trip for a couple of days.

I came back and that flourishing green marijuana plant was left in the dark corner of the house…It was dead.

I was sooo pisssed …I promised my daughter I would take care of it. I didn’t know how I was gonna tell her that her baby died.

My husband and I got into a fuck you fight over it. We have 2 cops living 3 houses down from us and one’s the chief of police that walks his dog past our house every day with his german shepherd “drug” sniffing dog.

It turned out that since my husband just got arrested for totaling my car while driving drunk (arrhg…he totaled 2 of my brand new cars in one year!), he didn’t want that dog to sniff that potent weed bush and get arrested again!

Part of his legal punishment was to be under no control substances ….so ok fine!

That’s understandable but my argument was:

God damn it!

Couldn’t he place the marijuana plant by a sunny window?

Why place it in a dark corner of the house?

And what fucking asshole cop is gonna arrest a neighbor?!

Even if they did…. couldn’t he have said he thought it was oregano?!?🤣

When I mention my wise suggestion, my husband laughed in my face.

What’s so fucking funny?

That’s what I would have done, I’ve asked neighbors for a cup of sugar before, and a good neighbor cop would just ask for some seasoning.😉

A long-ass response to Jan Sebastian that I thought I’d share with you too. Originally published at on March 23, 2022 at 12:03 am….hey 3/23 …it’s my son’s 18th Birthday…Yay ha ha happy birthday son!

Don’t do what I wouldn’t do!

Pictures and/or stories about my son and me (or is it ‘my son and I?’:)



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