Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Some Life Lessons

Photo by Ernest Porzi on Unsplash

Time on our hands can be useful and productive. The same is true for solitude. We are alone with our thoughts. With our experiences. Time and solitude can lead us to think about where we are in life and, with any luck, to come closer to understanding a few life lessons.

The current pandemic is a lemon. Life lessons are the lemonade.

Life goes on

Looking to nature can provide insight into living life to the fullest. Very little impedes nature from, well, being nature. A disaster may occur but it will not prevent the eventual growth of a flower. Nature resists. And so should we. Allowing us to understand the true meaning of “life happens.”

Perfection is unattainable

And so it should be. Had perfection ever been attained, there would be little progress today. It is only human to fail, learn from failures and try again. Striving for perfection is different. It is a demonstration of doing one’s best, however pitiful that attempt may be. The intent is what counts. Never fail to try more.

Our path is the only path

Other people’s goals and dreams are not our own. Our path is ours and ours only. Judgment from others should not impact our chosen path, the way we take it, or how long it takes us to see it through.

Good things can come easy

We are taught the opposite. Yes, we must work hard to have a successful life. But there are simple things we can do to achieve a satisfying life. Paying attention to what makes us want to jump out of bed each morning is a clue. Willingness to use our time on Earth mindfully can lead us to finding our path in life.

Pace ourselves

We tend to rush into things instead of allowing our lives to unfold. This doesn’t mean sitting back and waiting for life to happen. It means tasting every morsel of food, taking in our surroundings, and giving ourselves the time to think. Savoring life before it passes us by.

We can make a difference

No matter how small, every effort made can make a big difference.

Perspective counts

Taking a step back when we feel overwhelmed helps us to realize that a single setback in our life means next to nothing. The real or imagined slight, the job we wanted but didn’t get, the fight we’re having — unless it’s life-threatening, we should let it go and move on.

Life can change in an instant.

Never take anything for granted.



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KS Copeland

KS Copeland


Lighthouse keeper, rainbow chaser, truth seeker — every minute counts.