What Will be the Initial Difficulties Newly Elected US President Joe Biden Will Face?

Trump laid landmines in the way of new President Biden.

Muhammad Sakhawat
Jan 23 · 7 min read

Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States, has taken over the leadership of the country at a time when the United States is facing the Coronavirus epidemic. The epidemic has led to widespread unemployment, shutting down businesses, and the United States faces the challenges of racism, political extremism, white supremacy, and internal terrorism.

In a way, America stands at a crossroads and has to decide which direction to go and more action than words is needed to put the country in the right direction. This was stated by President Biden in his first speech.

President Biden’s first speech was unconventional. Instead of using the opportunity to suggest solutions to his priorities and problems, Biden sought to unite the nation in giving hope and tackling challenges.

His team has already released a list of 17 steps to address suggestions and plans for solving the problem. These include important issues, including immigration, the environment, and health, and Biden issued presidential orders on these issues on the first day in the Oval Office. These presidential decrees are also to bring the United States back from Trump’s policies.

This is a day for Americans, this is a day for democracy, this is a historic day that brings hope,” Biden said in his first address as president. Today we are celebrating the victory of democracy, not the victory of one candidate. We learned that democracy is important. It is weak, but democracy has won. We have to save America’s future, but it will take more than words. Unity is essential for that.

Joe Biden conveyed a message of hope and unity, but uniting a deeply politically divided country is not an easy goal. An example of this deep division came during President Biden’s inauguration, and outgoing President Donald Trump not only boycotted the ceremony but also expressed his intention to spread it in his farewell address away from the presidency.

Addressing supporters at Andrew Base, Trump said he would always fight for them, see and hear, and that the movement he started would return in a new form.

The manner in which outgoing President Donald Trump stepped down from the presidency was in fact an attempt by him to divide. In other words, instead of the inauguration of the new president, he gave importance to the ceremony of his departure, which further reduced his stature.

He wished for a 21-gun salute at Andrew Base, which was granted. Trump’s departure was another stain on him after he was accused of inciting the Capitol Hill attack. Trump admitted for the first time that his administration was not as normal. Although he tried to show his pride in this confession and said that the achievements he achieved in 4 years were not possible in that period but he did it.

There were only 200 people at Andrew Base to bid him farewell, although each person was allowed to bring 5 people with the invitations issued for the farewell party, which is why Trump was disappointed to see the scene.

The most senior official in Trump’s administration to dismiss him was his chief of staff. Mike Pence apologized for attending the farewell ceremony but was not on the south lawn of the White House, from where Trump boarded a Marine One helicopter.

Trump’s face lit up as he stood on the steps of Air Force One after his speech at Andrew Base. He saw those who came to say goodbye for a while and then went inside the ship.

No president has resigned in such a disrespectful manner since the resignation of Richard Nixon. But it should be noted that Trump has left, but he will not disappear from the scene. After a few weeks in hiding, one should expect to return to the scene with more fanfare, as it is clear that Trump is not one of the losers.

That’s what Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, told the BBC. “Since Donald Trump has not conceded defeat yet, he will still try to discriminate, and I think when she says his movement has just begun,” Trump said. So it was a threat. We have to be careful because unfortunately, they are still here.

President Biden has spoken of tackling internal terrorism. The first issue for Biden will be the definition of internal terrorism, ie who meets the term terrorist and what methods should be adopted to deal with terrorism.

It’s all up to Congress, and it’s not an easy goal in Congress, and Biden will realize that this is the most important time for him. It will be very difficult to complete this task in a period of 4 years.

It will not be easy to label groups working for white supremacy as terrorists like foreign groups. The United States does not have federal laws to deal with internal terrorism, so US agencies are forced to use hate crime and organized crime laws.

The first and foremost issue regarding internal terrorism is the elimination of extremism in US forces. Biden’s swearing-in of the National Guard was scrutinized and 12 officers were reportedly removed from duty because of their links to groups active for white supremacy.

Retired and serving military officers also took part in the Capitol Hill attack. Stopping the recruitment of white supremacists into the US military will be a difficult task. Retired soldiers who have joined internal terrorist groups will have to lose their privileges and for that, Congress will have to be satisfied.

The idea of ​​white supremacy over Washington is not new, and Biden will never be able to eliminate this old problem in just four years. But they must point in the right direction, and first, they must rid US forces and homeland security of extremist elements. It will not be easy to create mechanisms to remove these elements from US forces and homeland security.

The most difficult point for Biden in formulating new policies will be to convince the 47% of Trump voters that the new policies are in the sincere and national interest, not to target them. If even one-third of the 47% of voters are intimidated and skeptical, it will become an impossible target to curb conspiratorial ideologies and control extremism.

If the policies of dealing with internal terrorism smell of revenge, the United States will never recover. Biden is already accused of being a puppet of the communists and a representative of the extreme left. Right or left, there are more or fewer extremists in both factions, so extremist groups on both sides will have to be equally targeted in the formulation and implementation of the new policy.

Another challenge for Biden is the recruitment of politically motivated officials during Trump’s four years in office. When Trump himself came to power, he used to call the federal employees a deep state and obstruct his intentions, but now he has created a new headache for the Biden administration.

Trump made large-scale political appointments to federal agencies and gave them career civil service roles, as well as protection. These so-called bureaucrats recruited by Trump will try to thwart the Biden administration from within. Turning political recruitment into a career civil service would be a major obstacle to fulfilling Biden’s agenda.

Proof of this is the attempts to block the transition. Until the first week of January, Biden’s team did not have access to the information required by many departments, particularly the Department of Defense, and the Pentagon was blocked not by military officers but by the civil bureaucracy, which Biden and his team openly stated. ۔

Biden will focus more on internal affairs because of the issues he has come to power with, as he said in his first speech. Biden did not talk much about foreign policy, only saying that he would improve alliances with countries and work with the world.

Biden’s speech, which did not contain any major foreign policy announcements and a message of reassurance to the world, says that all his strength and focus will be on returning from Trump’s actions, but it will not be easy.

Trump’s departure has raised a number of new issues, such as the recent lifting of a ban on contacts between US officials and Taiwanese government officials, which is tantamount to setting up a new front with China. In addition, Yemen’s Houthi rebels have been declared terrorists, Cuba has been listed as a terrorist country, and China has been accused of genocide of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang. It will not be possible to reverse all of Trump’s actions by executive order alone.

Friends and rivals of the United States around the world estimate that Biden is facing a number of internal problems. Presidential decrees such as the return to the Paris Agreement and the re-membership of the World Health Organization will not be enough to restore America’s old global status.

Will, the US plays a leading role in the changed international situation due to the 4-year-old Trump era and the Coronavirus epidemic? And to what extent? Friends and foes have not yet found the answer to this question. The more time Biden takes to clarify foreign policy, the more the rivals in the United States will try to fill this leadership gap.

Although Donald Trump has left, he has laid landmines in the way of new President Biden. The longer it takes to clear these mines, the less likely it is that Biden will succeed.

In his farewell address, Trump said, “Our movement has just begun. We will return in a new form.”

Biden should just remember Trump’s threat.

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Muhammad Sakhawat

Written by

I’m a travel lover, blogger, content writer, and SEO expert. I’m in the traveling business since 2016. New I’D Old lost :(


Outstanding stories objectively and diligently selected by 40+ senior editors on ILLUMINATION

Muhammad Sakhawat

Written by

I’m a travel lover, blogger, content writer, and SEO expert. I’m in the traveling business since 2016. New I’D Old lost :(


Outstanding stories objectively and diligently selected by 40+ senior editors on ILLUMINATION

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