Who Am I ?

I am so much more than meets the eye

Liam Ireland


Image by Angie Ca Ro on Unsplash

Well, all you guys on Illumination-Curated know me as Liam Ireland, writer and editor at Illumination. Just like the rest of you I write articles, short stories and poetry, which I submit to this wonderful writers platform.

I must admit that even as a professional writer in a previous life I struggled a bit when I started out on my Illumination journey. I was used to pen and paper, not a keyboard and digital interface.

As a result I got it all wrong. So I set about getting it all right. I just stuck at it every single day. Head down and type until your fingers bleed. That’s how I roll. And it all worked out in the end, as it always does.

So now, as an editor, still with lots to learn, I try to help other writers coming up behind me, as well as those top writers who contribute such wonderful articles and stories to our Illumination publications. In this way, I learn and I teach.

When you submit I give it the once over. If everything is in order, if your piece has something of value to offer the readers of Illumination, is well written and presented, doesn’t have any potential to cause offence, complies with all the rules, then I click to publish. I will always give you a few claps and leave a few words of thanks and encouragement.