Why So Many Successful People Wear The Same Outfit Everyday

Decision fatigue is an invisible but slow process that affects productivity

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Wearing black is a fashion choice since I can remember. But what does it say when a person goes with the same outfit throughout their life?

You might have given a thought about it but never dug the significant effect it has on productivity. Well, it does, and the effect is too slow to be visible.

Influential personalities wear the same clothes

For poor people, you have the reason. But what does the cover of this blog say? Steve Jobs has more options than that.

There are more examples, like Mark Zuckerberg. He also wears a grey t-shirt all the time.

Is there anything wrong with the fashion quotient of these famous people? In reality, it has nothing to do with fashion sense. These people have more important things than looking hot on camera. It is about looking confident, calm and having a clear mind.

My brother also prefers solid colour clothes. He wears black all the time. Black shirt, pant, belt, jacket, shoes, phone, beard, hair. I took it too far! What were we talking about? Right, clothes!

Decision fatigue is an invisible process

Wearing black or even the same outfit has to do with decision fatigue. You are not aware of this phenomenon, but it is happening all the time.

Your mental power is limited. Starting from the moment you wake up, every decision you make requires energy. Deciding breakfast, shower, workout, reading, checking phone, etc. Every task depletes the energy reservoir.

If you plan for the next morning the night before, it certainly puts the schedule in place in the morning, but the mental drain is still there.

Mostly workaholic people show this pattern

Apart from successful personalities, any person who puts his work high priority needs to pay full attention to his profession. It can be the CEO of a tech giant (Steve Jobs), the CEO of a social media company (Mark Zuckerberg), or someone who has just started a business and is going all the way to make sure he sticks to his long-term vision.

My brother falls in the third category. He started a financial services business one year ago where he does portfolio management in the Indian equity stock market.

Work is everything for him, and I don’t blame him. When he is in a stable position professionally, he will think about important things other than work. Let’s say marriage should be the next on his list.

How to tackle decision fatigue if you like looking colourful

I have no such areas professionally where I need serious need to improve. I am done with the struggling journey in my college days. Now, my life is well-directed, for the most part.

My job now is pretty much easy. My schedule is also not tight. So, I have a mix of clothes ranging for all kinds of occasions.

My brother wears black mostly. Even when there is a fashion sale on Myntra, I don’t have to ask what colour he wants. I need to know what item he wants. And black is the default colour. Even the shades of grey will do.

I keep the decision fatigue away by setting my clothes one night before going to bed. Since the day is already over, the fatigue doesn’t carry over to the next day.

The first few hours of the next morning are already planned. When you have the starting hours organised, that motion is enough to keep your head clear for the day.

Final words

Wearing the same outfit, same colour or being a fashionista is a personal choice.

When you don’t care about how you look, you go with anything decent in your cupboard. You won’t even feel the decision fatigue. You will carry a smile, and it will say a lot about your mental status.

But if you think you want to feel how removing this extra task add more structure to your day without compromising on fashion, you can do what I do.

Decide the morning clothes one night before. Wake up the next day, get dressed and prepare for new challenges with a clear mind.

I did not believe how effective this pre-planning could be. I tried this for 100 days when I was on my 100 days exercise streak. After the streak ended, the only thing that I still do is planning the first few tasks of the morning.

When you wake up and have everything ready for you, all you need is get out of the bed and set your eyes to make the first few hours count. This habit is addictive. Try it long enough, and you won’t break it ever.

Sanjeev is a mentor at Udacity who writes about mental health, productivity, lifestyle, and mindfulness in his off-work time. When he is not clearing students’ doubts or grading projects, he is burning fuel either in a workout or playing badminton.




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