Why You Are Never Lucky

And how to actually turn this around.

Image by Micheile from Unsplash

“For my sake, can you please go and buy a lottery already?”

If you want to get lucky, you have to get into the game

The longer you are in the game, the luckier you get

  • Buy more lotteries and you have a higher chance of hitting the jackpot;
  • Shoot more hoops and you tend to score more lucky shots;
  • Working in a company longer means you’re more likely to encounter promotion opportunities within the company;

“Trying” to be lucky

  • Frequent strength training so that your muscles are strong enough to actually shoot the basketball (Preparation);
  • Optimizing your shooting form (Preparation);
  • Practice half-court shots (Preparation);
  • Participate in more games (Opportunity);
  • Choose a position like Point Guard or Shoot Guard that’s more likely to get the ball at the half-court area (Opportunity)

Luck as a villain

The Verdict



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