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You Can Directly Write for ILLUMINATION-Curated

But, your stories must meet Medium’s distribution, curation, and boosting guidelines, as this pub is only for experienced writers

Dr Mehmet Yildiz
10 min readOct 8, 2020

New writer inquiries and applications are through our registration portal. Please review the onboarding pack before submitting your stories. You may review our recent checklist to increase the quality of your stories and the chance of boosting.

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Introduction and Context

ILLUMINATION-Curated is a special publication hosting and distributing high-quality and chosen stories by Medium.

Since I sent the post about inviting writers to ILLUMINATION-Curated, I have received many inquiries about the process and procedures.

The previous post was about nominating already published stories on ILLUMINATION for transferring to ILLUMINATION-Curated. This requires you to nominate your selected stories by submitting them in a story.

The purpose of this post is to clarify my previous post by answering the most frequently asked questions in recent inquiries. Since there were many inquiries considering we serve over 20,000 writers, I thought the best way to address these inquiries would be to post an article.

Initially, we allowed only selected writers to submit stories directly to ILLUMINATION-Curated; however, now we open the submission to all writers. We want to give an opportunity to all writers who deserve to gain visibility to a broader audience.

Here is a sample collection from this unique publication.

You can learn more about ILLUMINATION-Curated from this collection.



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