You Only Have 1 Hour a Day to Build Your Online Empire (If You Work a Job)

Here’s the simple system to use

Tim Denning
3 min readJun 14, 2024


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This idea is revolutionary.

If you want to create something online the biggest struggle you’ll have, bizarrely, is finding the time.

When I worked in banking I suffered from the same problem. I wanted to start writing online but couldn’t find the time, so I made zero progress for three years.

There’s a better way.

Working to the bone is the worst decision

I’ve met dudes online who love to say…

“Well, you just gotta work 18 hour days at the start if you want to build an online business.”

You go to a job for 8–12 hours then come home and work a second job. The problem is this isn’t sustainable.

The quality of work will be worse than a $2 iPhone case from eBay that came from a sweatshop in Ch!na. What matters more than the number of hours worked is the quality of those hours.

The first 5 hours of the day are different to the last 5

This idea knocked me out. Fashion icon Brunello Cucinelli said this:

“Do you think that during the…



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