You’ve Never Seen Fetishes Like This Before

And that’s part of 90% of the lies you believe



Photo by Verticz Squencz on Unsplash

Even today, talking about fetishes is like visiting a house of husbands and smearing yourself with honey without the appropriate protective equipment. This is a big problem, as it generates misinformation and misunderstandings, in addition to repressing the desires of many people — That said, today I’m going to deal with this topic surrounded by mysteries and taboos to clarify as many doubts, myths, and lies on the subject.

So if you want to leave the zone of ignorance and learn more about the topic, even to improve yourself or to advise someone you know, pay attention to the words below as it will change your view of the world of fetishes.

In other words, if you’re ready for it, let’s do it!

But first I would like to confess that in the past I also had a certain “preconception” and was ignorant about what fetishes were. I also confess that I was one of those people who believed 90% of the lies they told about the subject and that I got into a lot of trouble because of that — But let’s face it, there are so many myths spread across the internet that it’s difficult to know what is true. or lie in this ocean of pleasures.