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Your Motivational YouTube Channel Without Making Any Videos!

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What you will learn from this article.

● Creating your motivational YouTube channel.

● Where to get motivational videos to upload.

● Ranking your motivational YouTube videos.

● Motivational video description suggested links.

Creating your motivational YouTube channel.

Just hang on, before the phrase “YouTube Channel” scares you too much. It involves “SEO”, and there’s the other dreaded word! YouTube video SEO is fairly “easy”, compared to blogging SEO for instance.

YouTube video SEO is pretty basic and straightforward, you just need to know how the algorithm works. From my experience, it would seem algorithms these days are focusing on one important aspect, which is engagement.

Therefore ranking a video is easy, but maintaining that ranking position is not so much. But we will get to that in a bit. Creating your motivational YouTube channel is step one before I show you where to get videos to upload.

Now we’re not going to get into the whole step-by-step of creating a new YouTube channel. I will leave the research up to you, there are literally hundreds of videos on YouTube that will show you exactly how to create a YouTube channel.

All you have to do is tell the (YouTube) search engine what you’re looking for and be specific. Like “How to create a youtube channel” for instance. With Google and YouTube, you have everything you need to make money online, really.

You just need to ask the right questions and use the right search phrases. After you have created your motivational YouTube channel, you are ready to access unlimited high-quality motivational videos.

Where to get motivational videos to upload.

I came across this guy on YouTube by pure chance, and I am glad I did because the videos you get are top-notch. He is a successful YouTuber and has built his network around YouTube videos primarily.

You might want to join Ben Lionel Scott on YouTube, with a membership fee of $5 per month. For unlimited motivational videos, I think that is ridiculously low. But obviously Ben is not all about the money.

Which is what I like about this guy. Once a member, you also receive notification of new videos and audio files to download. Perfectly safe to use with YouTube, I have been using his videos for a long time.

Below is an example of these videos, and I am sure you will agree that $5 per month is nothing. I really don’t mind supporting Ben on YouTube, because he saves aspiring YouTubers a lot of time.

The YouTube video thumbnail was designed with Canva by Deon Christie. The author assumes responsibility for the provenance and copyright. The author assumes responsibility for the authenticity.

From these motivational video descriptions, you can link to any URL, although I strongly suggest your professional online profile URLs. But we will get to that a bit later during this demonstration.

Just after we covered how to rank your motivational videos on YouTube next. This is where the fun starts because it really is not all that difficult. You only need to understand the basic logic of video SEO.

Are you ready to find out how you can rank your video on the first page of Google and YouTube? Are you ready to get a ton of targeted visitors? Imagine millions of people going to Google and YouTube to search for your solution! — Source

Ranking your motivational YouTube videos.

As mentioned earlier, ranking a YouTube video is fairly easy, it’s maintaining the ranking position that is the real challenge. This can only be done through having consistent views and engagement.

Ranking your YouTube motivational videos requires you to focus on completing 8 important parts of your YouTube video when uploading. These are of utmost importance when it comes to video SEO.

Video Title.

Video Description.

Video Thumbnail.

Video Tags.

Description Hashtags.

Video Subtitles.

Video Cards.

Video End Screen.

The basic principle or logic means positioning your target keyword or search phrase as close to the start of the video title as possible. Preferably, start your YouTube video title with your target search phrase.

Then use matching video tags, hashtags, and target keywords in the video description. That’s it! Video SEO is done, but I am making it sound a bit easier than expected.

You only need to pay attention to these few things, it really is that simple. Besides, just as there are multiple videos that will show you how to create a YouTube channel.

There are also multiple videos that will show you how to rank a video on YouTube. I know, I am leaving quite a bit of research up to you and rightly so. Because when you figure it out, then it will stay with you.

Here we are just covering the basic structure and principle of ranking YouTube videos through SEO. But I am sure you can see the simplicity as opposed to blogging SEO for instance.

The entire strategy to rank a video page one on YouTube is already covered in another Medium story. You might want to read the step-by-step guide on ranking a YouTube video below.

Motivational video description suggested links.

In light of the topic being around motivational videos, I don’t think affiliate links will be a good fit. I have found that sharing professional profile links is much more effective.

At first, admittedly, I did use affiliate product links, cloaked with a plugin called Pretty Links Lite. But that tool is already covered in another Medium story, titled, “Index Affiliate Links In Major Search Engines!”.

Yes, that is the power of using the plugin called Pretty Links Lite, among other advantages, it makes your affiliate offer indexable in search engines. But you can read all about that.

Medium Profile.

LinkedIn Profile And Groups.

Facebook Profile.

FB Groups And Pages.

Use these motivational videos to build large responsive audiences, not generate sales. Because having your own audiences form part of the bigger picture leads to actual online sales.

It is a content marketing strategy. From your motivational video, your visitor goes to your professional profile, (Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

From there has access to material that redirects to an affiliate offer. Like Medium stories, LinkedIn articles, and FB (Medium) Group posts. All taking your visitor to an affiliate offer, eventually.

A content marketing strategy is a journey you take your visitor on while maintaining curiosity. Because a curious audience is an active audience, and often also the kind of visitors that will buy from you.

Watch us rank videos on page one in 60 seconds and get targeted visitors from the two largest search engines on Earth! Google and YouTube! That’s 147 billion visitors per month! — Source

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: Some links in this post are links to affiliate offers. If you visit them to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is entirely up to you. All offers come with a full money-back guarantee!

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