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10 Qualities That Made Donald Trump The President, What We Could Learn From his Success Mantra

It’s no easy feat becoming the president, the field is riddled with failures. I take a look at the qualities that made Donald J Trump the President

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At a stage where the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, John Mc Cain, Bernie Sanders, and many others failed to clinch the title on their first shot, Donald Trump scored a home run.

I am not a Republican strolling on the streets of Kenosha with guns & shouting my lungs out for Donald Trump, nor am I a Democrat trying to ridicule everything that Trump does, I am a commoner who likes to observe things and take a note of it.

Here is what I learned about Donald J Trump, which I believe made him the president.

1. He Speaks His Mind

There have been 44 Presidents before him, yet he will stand out for a long time to come, Why? because he speaks his mind.

People have called him ‘dumb’ and also a ‘fool’, even unworthy of being the president. But it is no small feat becoming the most powerful person on the planet. It takes extreme self-confidence and self-belief. He doesn't try to be politically correct even if it makes him look dumb or stupid. And believe me, people are tired of politicians trying to please everybody around them!

Yes, he has his twitter rants & his fights with the journalists, but he always SPEAKS HIS MIND!

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2. He Doesn’t Care What Others Think of Him

He was roasted by former president Barack Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondent’s dinner. He was roasted on Comedy Central by who’s who of Hollywood and yet, here he is spreading his legs aboard Air Force One 30,000ft up in the sky and smiling away at people who made fun of him.

He has been criticized & derogated more than any other president in American History, more so by his own people. Even surpassing Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Yet, I dare think he lost even a wink of sleep over it.

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3. He Believes in Taking Immediate Action

From dropping out of the Paris Climate Deal to stopping funds for WHO, from dropping truckload of sanctions on Chinese goods to showing Mexico the boot. Although these decisions can be called controversial and debated upon, what matters is HE DIT IT!

However insane it may sound, he took actions to his words. How many career politicians would have the propensity to do what they bloat about in their election campaigns?

People tend to hate him for this behavior of his, even his own party members calling him ‘Twitter Happy Fingers’. But, he does what he speaks ‘Love him or hate him’.

Photo by Dave Lowe on Unsplash

4. He Takes a Stand and Backs his Instincts

Donald Trump has been hounding China the same way he was hounding Hillary Clinton in 2016. He has his moments where he gets a pulse of what his voter base loves him for.

He will make a statement and try to justify it at all costs and on all platforms. If anybody tries to rebuke him, is let go off.

The Iran deal was actually an Obama era success, yet Trump’s instinct said otherwise and he backed it up.

The same goes for WHO, who he thought was playing into the hands of China snd stopped USA funding for WHO. With North Korea too, meeting Kim Jong Un, a feat unparalleled in history by any American President.

If he thought it was the right thing to do, HE DIT IT... He backed his instincts!

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

5. He Speaks with Confidence, Whether it be Truth or a Lie

Trump knows, he is that kinda person whom somebody will either like or hate, there is no middle ground with him.

The same goes for his voter base, he is revered by some and hated by others, but what made him stand out is his tall promises that exuded confidence.

His famous slogan ‘Lock her Up’ or ‘Build the wall’ & ‘Make America Great Again ’ slogans. These claims resonated with his voters who believed in him. Whether he actually achieved this is another story but the way he spoke made people believe in him is a praiseworthy talent in itself.

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6. He Knows how Money Works

Trump Casino, Trump Airlines, Trump Beverages, Trump University, Trump The Game, Trump Mortgage… these are some of his famous business failures. Yet, he is one of the richest people in America living a gifted life and free as a bird.

How many of us would have been able to come out of so many business failures, being as rich as he is today?

His taxes have also been a hot topic debate, some claiming he hasn’t paid any in 20 years! A billionaire escaping IRS and the FED, he surely knows how to work the system to his advantage and he is good at it!

It’s no wonder the stocks were at an all-time high before the Pandemic Hit. Lowering taxes and interest rates released a flood of dollars into the system and some of it trickled down to the poor too.

He has a pulse of what drives the American Economy. That's why businessmen in America secretly love him for it, Its because he represents them!

Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

7. He has a Great Presence of Mind

Journalists and various media personalities have been trying forever to get the better of Donald Trump, but he's more often than not always had a quirky reply up his sleeves.

From pinning blame on others to outright changing the topic and even calling them names like ‘paid media’ etc. He’s not the one to take it lying down with grace. He hits back immediately and hits back hard!

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

8. He Enjoys his Life

Well, what can we say here! CNN, which tallies Trump’s golf course visits, reported that he has visited his Golf Course 295 times during his presidency, Some former presidents would be jealous of this feat!

President’s are one of the busiest people in the country, from security to national political issues to the Covid-19 pandemic. Trump still found time amongst all these to go and play golf at his favorite resort. I’m not saying it was the right thing to do when the nation needs all the attention it can get.

But at 70yrs old, I believe it’s a habit he has cultivated. Its actually a trait we must all cultivate i.e. to find time for things we love & which we often give second priority. Even if you have the most important job in the world!

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9. He doesn’t get Emotionally Attached to the People Around him

If I am to make a list of people fired by Trump, this blog would probably take a year to complete. Wikipedia shows 319 people have either resigned or been fired according to their latest Count!! That's more than the 8 years of Barack Obama's presidency. It shows how shrewd of a businessman he is and that he is willing to do what's necessary to survive & thrive.

I am not glorifying his behavior, but it’s something most of us will find especially hard to do i.e. Fire a Person, let alone Driving away 300 White House Personnel!. That’s absolutely mind-boggling.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

10. He Loves his Family & Finds Strength and Support in Them

Barack Obama was very protective of his family and didn't like to splash them around in front of the media. Little did we see of his daughters when he was the President.

Donald Trump is the opposite. He feels proud of his family. He Brags about them often to the media. He enjoys spending time with them and is not shy of parading them on live television.

He has given important white house positions to his daughter Ivanka, son Trump Jr and Son in law Jared and I believe they support him to the hilt.

It gives him a lot of mental strength and courage to deal with the amount of criticism he has to face. Family support is the strongest mental strength a person can have and a privilege that not many of us share. It played a big part in his journey to the top. He is indeed a lucky person in many ways.

Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

I believe everyone has their strengths and weakness that we all can learn from. I discussed Donald J Trump as he stood against all odds & ridicule to come out a winner.

He may or may not be a good leader, but he achieved something few of us will ever have the privilege to write on our resume.

Gracias ~ Allen D.




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