10 Quick Tips for a Successful Discovery Call

Use this checklist for your next discovery call or sales call

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Are you an entrepreneur or solopreneur who relies on discovery calls to book clients?

Discovery calls make people nervous, but they don’t have to.

As a former actress, they don’t bother me one bit. But I can understand how the thought of one can put people in a tizzy.

All eyes seem to be on you in a discovery call. A potential client is seeking your expertise, ideas, and professionalism. It can be a lot of pressure.

If discovery calls make you nervous, use the following checklist to put you at ease.

Print this out and have it visible while on your call. Think of this as a support system that will always have your back.

10 Quick Tips for a Successful Discovery Call

1. Smile.
2. Use humor or levity.
3. Listen with the intent to understand.
4. Ask questions.
5. Use genuine compliments. (I like your company’s core message.).
6. Have important metrics on hand.
7. Know your worth and what you bring to the table.
8. Notice how your body feels as you connect with this new person.
9. Be clear and specific.
10. Set an intention before the call starts. (I want to get these 4 questions answered.).

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