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10 Reasons To Become An Executive Assistant

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In these complicated time of our life, many of us are looking for a new job or need to find new inspiration. If you’re considering starting a new career or if you need some change and excitement in your life, here are some hints about a special profession you might consider: Executive Assistant.

To become a good EA, you need to have some personal characteristics:

1-You want to be active and you like doing things; sitting still and concentrated while reading a book is not for your real life. It is just a dream.

2-You enjoy feeling irreplaceable. You love when people ask you for help. Sometimes it makes you feel important when they ask you to work on the budget, other times they interrupt your call just to ask for a pencil sharpener. Your self-esteem adapts accordingly.

3-Your personal life is not among your priorities, or better it is not satisfactory. You prefer spending time in the office rather than anywhere else.

4-You like unexpected events. A regular 9 to 5 schedule is not for you, you don’t want to see the same faces on the train every evening. It’s much better when you miss the train.

5-You know everything about the company you work for, but you can’t show it because you are humble. You like working in the backstage.

6-You know how to do a lot of stuff but you’re insecure; every little mistake creates new doubts, and the Impostor Syndrome is around the corner.

7- You know your job has a great value, but quite often you hear the phrase: ‘This year we have no money’. You never overreact and learn how to negotiate, every day.

8-You can get very busy with the private life of your boss, know everything from passport expiration date to birthdays, to his wife’s favorite flowers, and keep any kind of secret.

10-You have good communications skills and a great sense of humor, but most of the time you keep them for yourself: you are a great listener.

If you choose this career, your job will help you improve, leave your comfort zone and become a better person. Sounds impossible? I made it and I assure you it is a lot of fun!

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