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12 Micro Days of Christmas

12 Micro Days of Christmas is a 12-day challenge to rehabilitate your preconceived notions about microaggressions.

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

A bias is a preconceived notion and this Christmas we want to challenge your preconceived notions about microaggressions. Why? Because this Christmas we’re going to give the people in your life the gift they’ve always wanted but never knew how to ask for…peace of mind.

Holiday Spirit

Remember when the holiday spirit used to mean something? I do! I remember The Flintstones Fruity Pebbles commercial, “Tis the season to be caring, Fred!” Endless loops of A Wonderful Life teaching us that what we think we want out of life is not nearly as important as the individuals we need standing right in front of us, in plain sight. Whether its the spirit of inclusion through animation like in A Charlie Brown Christmas, the spirit of acceptance through claymation like in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, or reminiscing through the regrets of life like in A Christmas Story the idea of the “holiday spirit” used to mean something to us! We want to get back to that. We want to bring back that good ‘ol fashioned Christmas spirit in 12 Micro Days of Christmas.

Tis the Season to be Caring

2020 has been an incredible year of recognition for the descendants of slaves around the world. An important year especially considering the life-changing events surrounding the deaths of George Floyd, Brionna Taylor, and Ahmaud Abrey.

After the amazing outpour of support for Black Lives Matter this summer, we wanted to think of a special way to keep the Christmas spirit and spirit of unity alive through the winter holiday season. To keep the spirit of justice alive we are challenging individuals to not fall back into their old, comfortable habits of discrimination and privilege.

Each day for 12 days you’ll watch a hilarious video and learn a quick tidbit about microaggressions. How to recognize microaggressions, how to prevent them, and the nuances of being empathetic.

Starting December 1st take the 12 Micro Days of Christmas Challenge.

Join the 12 Micro Days of Christmas Challenge today! It’s free to join and it’s a fun way to challenge your preconceived notions and make the world a better place. Challenge yourself to rehabilitate your notions about microaggressions.

About the Bias Rehab Center

The Bias Rehab Center is the systemic bias defeating programming for self and institutional enlightenment. A systemic solution to systemic racism.

​A bias is a preconceived notion and the objective of the Bias Rehab Center is to rehabilitate one’s preconceived notions. Each program is facilitated by experienced professionals with a range of higher degrees from a Bachelors’s to a Doctorate degree, national certification, or clinically licensed professionals from places like Cornell University, University of Notre Dame, George Mason University, and more.



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