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26 Paying Writing Markets For Nonfiction, Fiction, and Poetry

Discover 26 excellent freelance writing opportunities today!

Pamela Kazmierczak
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10 min readApr 9, 2022
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Are you looking for a good list of freelance writing markets to send pitches and manuscripts to? This article contains 26 websites and magazines that accept at least one of the following: nonfiction, fiction, poetry, or artwork. Some of them are looking for a variety of different pieces.

This article contains information on 26 websites and print magazines that you can send your completed manuscripts and article pitches. Finding great places to submit to can be challenging — let me find them for you!

Part of this article is a recap of previous articles I have written. However, most people will not read every article I have ever written. So this is perfect for those who may have missed those markets or just forgot about them.

Of course, if you have read all my articles, I included 11 additional markets I have never written about before. So there is something new for everyone!

Each of these freelance writing markets will contain the name of the magazine or website, either the main website or a guidelines link, an email if no guidelines link is available, what they are looking for, and the expected payment.

These markets are paying markets; more than half of these markets pay at least $100.00, and the majority have a range that goes above $100.00. Some of them give the possibility of making thousands. Good Luck!



Looking For: Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction

Payment: varies from less than $100.00 to up to $4,800.00

Analog is a science fiction and fact magazine. They accept short stories, serial stories, poetry, and articles. Here are the word counts and payment scale:

  • Poetry — $1.00 per line
  • Fact Articles — $0.09 per word (for example — a 1,000-word article would pay $90.00).
  • Short Fiction — Up to 20,000 words — $0.08–0.10 a word (up to $2,000.00).
  • Serial Fiction —…



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