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3 Better Alternatives to Direct Calling That Can Potentially Save Anyone’s Productivity

Perhaps we should consider that calling someone the moment we have something to say is not the best option when it comes to productivity and focus.

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But first, let’s learn how to pay attention to the importance levels of what we have to say

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3 better alternatives to direct calling that can potentially save anyone’s productivity

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  1. Emails are always going to be anyone’s golden ticket. These days almost everybody owns an email dedicated to business-related matters. An excellent alternative to direct calling is simply sending one, stating what it’s all about in the subject box. In the email, we can break down our thoughts and ideas and we can easily request a proper discussion at a scheduled time that’s convenient for all parties.
  2. Video calls and screencast videos. Video calls can again be scheduled — plus, they offer yet another advantage. The participants are allowed to show diagrams, infographics, case studies, and various other types of visuals. Screencast videos, on the other hand, offer even bigger advantages in terms of time-saving and productivity boost — they enable you to record a video in advance sharing everything you wish to showcase or discuss. Then you can just send the video to its recipients and further schedule a meeting.
  3. Using team management software is great for everyone who prefers written communication. Having access to the Internet and mobile devices has allowed us to get so used to chatting and written communication. We can use team management software for our business, where we can create virtual rooms and channels for our employees and colleagues. Those serve as great places for mutual discussions and exchanging ideas.




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