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3 Foods to Control After 33

3 foods to restrict for a healthy well-being

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There’s one quote that “Age is just a number”.

Actually it’s not.

It’s a sign that one should be careful about.

But Why 33?

By 33 most of them would have or plan for a career roadmap, financial roadmap, family roadmap and post-retirement roadmap :)

But what about the health roadmap?

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By 33 you might have a White-collar job, kids and a nice house. You would think that everything is in place and this would stay permanent, as it is.

But there most of us go wrong!

Seeds of life-style diseases are sown at this age.

You would argue that, “I do exercise regularly, hit the gym, go to aerobics class or do yoga. I am doing my bit.”

Yes exercise do help a bit. And this argument is totally valid when you are in your twenties. When the metabolic rates are at it’s best.

But life takes a cautious turn post twenties.

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If you want to stay disease free lifelong or avoid them to the best possible extent. Start restricting or have a control on the below 3 foods post 33 and you will see the difference:

1. Salt

Restrict the usage of salt or salted items.

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The intake should be in moderation.

Avoid salted nuts, canned meat or other packaged foods to the best possible you can.

Excessive salt could lead to blood pressure, strokes or calcium losses.

2. Sugar

Another important thing which is so tempting and hard to avoid is sugary foods.

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A good replacement could be jaggery.

But refined sugar definitely impacts the health in long run.

Excess sugar leads to accumulation of fat, results in fatty liver and causes diabetes.

And diabetes impacts many other organs of the body.

3. Cheese

Don’t “Say Cheese”!

Photo by Nicolás Perondi on Unsplash

Not only cheese but even limit the intake of dairy foods.

Some people are lactose-intolerant , and cheese contains lactose so for them it’s heard to digest. It’s a calorie rich food with high amount of sodium, with a potential to increase blood pressure and cholesterol which leads to CVD (cardio-vascular disease).

Controlling them could go a long way!

No need to over panic. It’s just about a bit of control.

These three measures could go a long way to keep you disease free.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Because if health is lost definitely something is lost!



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