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3 Mindset Shift To Heal Unresolved Feelings Faster

Use the 3 of them for maximum benefits

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We may not always look like we need to heal; physically speaking, everything might be just fine — yet deep inside, we know that we need to give more attention to certain things: unresolved feelings, thought patterns, and sometimes health issues.

How we react to certain events, the way some people trigger us; it often leaves us with a sense of bitterness — of powerlessness, for having allowed something external to create turbulence within ourselves.

Our inner world is our private world. It’s ours. No one is permitted there unless we give them access. Unfortunately, because being human means having to learn along the way, we all have some form of unresolved issues.

Let’s be honest here. Life’s not easy. We’re all thrown in this ‘volatile’ race, and we must learn the rules as we go through it. While learning from direct experience is always better, some of us eventually learn great lessons that we’re inspired to share in order to assist those who need it.

Not only will this save us time, but it will also give clues as to what are the best practices, where to look for, and hopefully — heal and grow faster. Of these lessons, three of them that will accelerate your healing will be shared today.

Be sure to implement them in your daily life . Don’t worry, they’re simple to grasp—you’ll just need to put in some work in the beginning. Let’s start.

1. Everyone wants happiness and peace

No matter who the person is, no matter what she did or didn’t. She’s looking for happiness just as much as we are. This is not always easy to understand, especially when people do ‘bad’ things.

What we must take into account is that each and everyone is growing at their own pace. Life contains all kinds of life forms. Some are less evolved, others, pretty well evolved. Yet, life does not discriminate.

Everyone is given the same right to explore life’s possibilities. Some people get quickly tired with the repetition and superficiality of it all. Others enjoy it. Ultimately, we all have free will. And if life respects ours, we should respect others’.

2. Everyone is trying their best

This one might be a bit more difficult to swallow but whatever our perception of the situation, everyone is trying the best they can.

Wherever people are in their lives, whatever they’re doing — they’re fully invested in it. They’re identified with their beliefs, and what they do is often an attempt at ‘making things better’.

This doesn’t mean that we should tolerate unacceptable behaviors — it just means that we should exert our compassion, and look beyond our fixed beliefs.

Of course, sometimes actions will be required — and we will take them — but without the emotional investment that clouds the bigger picture while keeping us trapped in a limiting dynamic.

3. Getting triggered reveals our identification with certain beliefs

Life wouldn’t be able to learn about its amazingness unless it had the ability to relate to itself. Relationships are everything, and through one another, we learn about ourselves.

Throughout our earthly experiences, we will meet different people. Each one of our relationship will leave a unique ‘taste’. Some of them will make us feel great while others, not so much.

The mistake we often do is to blame one another for whatever situation causes challenges. Blaming never solves anything. Instead, we should revert our attention back to our inner world and ask ourselves honestly:

  1. What did she do/say that made me feel this way?
  2. Why does it make me feel this way?

If we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll notice that our conflicts arise from being identified with a certain construct of reality. Through our relationships, we learn about ourselves. People just show us the limits of our perception — conflict is simply our resistance to see otherwise — but if we want to heal, we must try.

We believe that by choosing to see things differently, that we may be losing something when in fact — we won’t. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. As long as we’re true to ourselves and to life — keeping a literal open mind only helps us grow.

Growth, healing — it’s the same thing. Healing is not simple. Everyone knows it.

Healing must hurt at first because we’re stretching ourselves, we’re going beyond what we’ve always been accustomed to. And anyone working tirelessly to grow/heal deserves a lot of love and applause. They’re working on something no one can take credit for except themselves. They’re working on themselves. And if you’re reading this, you deserve as much recognition.

We should always remember that our attachments may make us feel safer. But eventually, we’ll need to grow up and leave our ‘parents’, so to speak. We’ll need to cut chords, and look at what’s out there. This is done literally for most people, but to do it within ourselves — to free ourselves from limiting constructs, and actually see life in all its magnificence, is a totally different experience — one that you’ll have to try for yourself.

Much love.



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