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3 Principles for Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

Here’s how to craft the life you want, for real.

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You could spend years reading and gathering information about manifesting your best life, but you must be skillfully applying the knowledge to change anything.

Some techniques have given Manifestation a hokey reputation by its overly simplistic approach of creating a simple thought for the desired outcome. This simplistic approach indeed leaves its followers discouraged and puts Manifestation into the bucket of being ineffective. Here’s the thing, Manifestation involves mastery and not just knowledge of powerful techniques rather the mastery of consciousness.

Here’s how the formula works.

The formula is nothing original, and to be honest, it has been around since the dawn of the universe. Quite merely — it is how the universe works.
Unfortunately, every central philosophy has discovered these principles for Manifestation, although they’ve often shrouded them in mystical or woo woo religious-sounding language and kept it in secrecy.

Now that manifesting knowledge is so readily available to all; most don’t recognize the extraordinary power in its principles and brush it off to be some subtle form of sorcery. Fortunately, those who have been working with the principles for many years have continually seen success. Why? Well, only by working with these principles and techniques over time can their extraordinary power be seen and appreciated.

As you learn how to apply the principles of thought skillfully, you will discover that you can have prayers answered and life abundant in harmony and ease. However, you must understand the “why and how” these techniques work effectively. As with everything, use your judgment in the application of this method for yourself.

Here are three major principles to Manifestation.

The Principle of Creative Imagination.
I’m sure you have heard the age-old adage that our thoughts and beliefs create everything that happens in our life. This saying means that our life’s conditions and circumstances result from what we presently believe. So if you want to change any part of our present life, you must first change the beliefs that created it.

Sounds simple?

I’m sure you’re thinking, why can’t we all affirm good things into our lives and see them come to pass? Well, blame it on the human condition.

The complexity lies within our unconscious self-limiting beliefs. We are generally not aware of what we believe, so a vast majority of our beliefs, including self-limiting beliefs, manifest unconsciously. Thoughts like I cannot have: a loving relationship, prosperity, the career I want, or peace and happiness profoundly influence our worlds; because nothing in your life happens without a preexisting belief.

To radically change your pains, fears, and suffering, you will need the dedication, diligence, and determination to thoroughly examine and alter how you view yourself and the world through the process of energetic clearing of the subtle body. Head over to my article to learn more about the six levels of identity in the Subtle Body.

The Principle of Energetic Clearing.
To create a new life, we must be willing to clear out the old. You cannot effectively manifest a new belief if you are still holding onto an entrenched idea that opposes the new one.


If this is you, the one major mistake you are making with manifesting is thinking that the requirements to affirm what you want can happen without clearing away self-limiting beliefs.

Here’s the thing, what manifests is what we believe, not what we would like to believe. So until your self-limiting beliefs are made conscious and transmuted, they will continue to hinder your ability to create what you want.

Making space for the new can be challenging; I totally get it! But we must let go before we can create a new possibility. We must let go of the idea that there’s not enough money to go around if we want financial freedom. If we’re going to manifest a loving relationship, we must let go of the belief that we are incapable and, or too difficult to love. And lastly, before we can even learn and understand Manifestation, we must be willing to let go of old ideas.

The Principle of Visualization.
You are most likely to release old beliefs, emotional pain, and other baggage when you have a clear vision of what will replace it. So the process of visualization requires you to have a clear vision, and the clearer it is, the more likely you will be attracted to it.

To create anything, you must have a vision of what it is you want to manifest — the more definite and clear the picture, the more definite and clear the Manifestation.

You are the master sculptor of your life. Your creation will embody the ideas and pictures you hold in your mind. You may not know how to get there, and luckily you don’t need to have that figured out; you just need conviction and clarity of what you want your life to become.

Some people use vision boards to assist with this process by finding the exact words and images of things and feelings they want to become by placing them on a panel to see daily. But most importantly, there are specific questions you must answer to visualize effectively.

What do I value?
Where does my passion lie?
What is my purpose in life?
What is possible for me?

It is these three principles that explain the “why” of Manifestation.
The “how” has two aspects. That is, Affirmation and Visualization — yes, it comes up again.

An Affirmation is a statement affirming what you want in your life.

It articulates the new belief statement, and to make it potent; it must follow these characteristics.

It must be written down. The act of writing down an affirmation begins with the process of making the intangible thought more concrete. Affirm it, make it concise, specific, and magnetic. Use words that resonate with you and that are natural to your vocabulary. The more that it sounds familiar to you, the more magnetic it becomes.

State it like it already exists and use your name in it. Say your name or state “I” and keep it focused on you only. Do not include your spouse, parent, sibling, friend, or boss when creating your affirmation.
This also applies to using words like the universe, supreme being, or God’s will. After all, that gets encoded in your mind as an area that you have no control over and will register as a way to avoid making decisions and excuses for not changing because it is God’s will.

Remember, God only helps those who help themselves.

Lastly, the affirmation must be in the realm of possibility for you to accept it into your consciousness. For example, if you suffer from low self-esteem, then saying “I love me” may be a stretch from where you are now, and consequently, you will throw up resistance to that affirmation because of your self-limiting beliefs. Instead, set up your affirmation on the edge of your limitation, and gradually, you will be able to extend your boundaries.

Visualization works as a technique and a principle in manifesting the life you want.

It addresses both the why and how Manifestation works. As mentioned earlier, you may use a visualization technique like a vision board to envision your future or use lucid imagery within the mind.

What’s important to remember with visualization is to ensure it evokes a strong emotional feeling. The more emotionally appealing the picture, the more enthusiasm you will create. Use a single image, and be sure you are in it. You are the lead character in this true-life story. For example, if you want to have a romantic relationship, you must create a single instance where you will be with your lover and hone in on a moment that would depict that love you desire, like a kiss or a hug on the beach.

Perhaps after reading this, you may not believe fully that the principles, affirmations, and visualizations will manifest the life of your dreams. It also may be true that your first attempt at practicing these techniques will not fully manifest your wants.

This is because manifesting is not static or linear, and nor is our present reality. We are always adapting and changing as we interact with the many unknowns but would it hurt to create a little practice for seeing life more positively, consciously and abundantly? I guess that’s up to you.



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