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3 Reasons Why I am Losing Interest In Medium?

Medium is one of the best blogging platforms I have ever used so far, some call it YouTube of writers

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As I recall it, I joined Medium last year probably the last week of October 2021 or around the first week of November. I was excited when I heard first time about Medium because as a writer I was looking for a platform where I could write, express my thoughts and engage with a diverse community of people around the world.

I wanted to set up my blog, using WordPress, buying a domain, and purchasing hosting for my website but it was costly and I didn’t have that much money to start my blog. So, the more interesting thing was that it was FREE.

After joining this platform I came across interesting, informative, and educational content, and believe me I learned a lot in these past two months or so. I started writing my own stories on different topics related to general, informational and educational topics.

So, then why I’m losing interest now on Medium? here are a few reasons

100 Followers Challenge:

After joining Medium, I came to know that I need at least 100 followers to be eligible for Medium Partner Program. This community helped and responded beyond my expectations, my stories started getting noticed. But, during this time and still, my home page is like bursting with every second story suggesting “How to get 100 Followers”. It’s turning irritating now to see your home page full of such stories which are completely scarp and violating the terms and conditions of this platform.

Click-baiting Strategies:

As I stated earlier, although there is quite good content to read, still Medium’s trending section carries a large number of stories that are nothing but click-baiting. “How to earn thousands of dollars overnight”. This is the second reason why I got fed up with Medium. Dear fellows, please remember, there is no shortcut to success and there’s no replacement for commitment and hard work. Don’t expect the “rain of dollars” without getting your hands dirty.

Medium Partners Program

Last but not the least, after I got 100 followers and I started the procedure to join Medium Partners Program, it was nothing less than a bombshell to know that I was not able to join Medium Partner Program. The reason for not being able to join was the unavailability of Stripe in Pakistan, hence Medium can not enroll writers into its partners’ program from the countries where Stripe is not available.

What Next?

For now, I have crossed the 500 followers mark on Medium, with some great engagement, reads, claps, and responses. I’m still holding and growing my blog, trying to write valuable content to help the community by spreading knowledge, information, and awareness. I have also been added as a writer to many reputable publications where I’m getting more exposure and a variety of potential readers.

Along with all this, I’ve fingers crossed and hoping that Stripe may expand its services to other countries including Pakistan.

I’m a Pakistan-based Content Writer, proofreader, and editor. I provide SEO-friendly, highly engaging articles, blog posts, website content which includes Landing page, about us, contact us, FAQs, services, sales, terms and conditions, privacy policy, shipment, and return policies. Additionally, I provide creating your Professional CVs, Resumes, and personalized cover letter writing services. Take your business to the next level, reach out to customer’s pain points and offer a solution with my highly engaging and converting sales copy.

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