3 Reasons Why the Coffee Shop Is the Ideal Workspace

Nothing beats caffeine, vibes, and other people to help you do deep work

Ryan Porter
Jun 10 · 5 min read
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Who else is tired of writing, sending emails, and filling spreadsheets from their home office?

I know I am.

My little corner desk in my room has become sort of a sanctuary over the last year, but I’m working up an appetite to rejoin the world.

I just went boating with some good friends, and wow, does it feel nice to be outside. It doesn't even matter that I’m not meeting new people. It’s nice enough to reconnect with people’s faces I haven't seen in a year.

That’s one reason I’m not worried about working fully remote one day. There are times for actual, deep work, and there are times to connect with people you care about.

The coffee shop provides an opportunity for both.

Here are three reasons why the coffee shop is still a great place to get deep work done.

The coffee, duh.

I quit drinking coffee a few years back because I thought it was the reason for my adult acne. I’ve since debunked the idea and learned that the true culprit was dairy.

Since then, I’ve slowly reintroduced coffee to my system. I have 2–3 cups a week now, plus boatloads of tea.

Coffee hasn’t fully become my life-blood, but the benefits are clear, especially when it comes time for deep work or an early morning workout.

There are use cases beyond getting busy work done:

  • It cheers you up to get through long periods of the day
  • It makes you feel warm and cozy inside
  • Winds you up to write blogs like a madman

The FDA says healthy adults may consume 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. Those might be safe numbers, but you won’t catch me downing four espresso shots. At least, not unless I was being paid my weight in Ethereum coins to pull an all-nighter.

Warm bean juice plus some aesthetic coffee shop vibes go together handily.

The atmosphere

Part of the reason I like traveling to different states is to stumble upon other coffee shops.

I’ve been to Portland, OR, numerous times, and just about every street corner has a coffee shop. As an LA native, I’m used to it, but the air is different in other places.

Besides, Los Angeles has almost as many dedicated matcha spots as they make coffee now. I’m not against it, but it’s not quite the same.

I think it’s funny that aesthetically pleasing shops exist to complement the buzzing sensation coffee provides. Of course, I’ll take one sip of nitro cold brew and already feel high off the energy, but I’m sitting in the most peaceful place in town.

It’s an exciting duality of you think about it.

I’m a music lover, and coffee shops are the perfect place to sit and vibe out to tunes.

Does Starbucks still sell CDs of their coffee shop hits? That’s something I’m going to look out for the next time I go. Albeit rare, I enter a Starbucks whenever I’m on a road trip.

Anyway, if you can’t make it to your coffee shop today but you want to listen to some coffee shop vibes, I have a playlist for that.

It’s literally called coffee shop vibes, and I love it.

Not only is each coffee shop distinct in its way, but the people there add to the overall experience.

The people around you

Indoor building and no masks? The world is asking for it, and as long as people are safe, I’m all for it.

I hinted at the idea that I’ll one day go fully remote. I texted my buddy to ask if he’d want to have a coffee shop work session once per week with me once my assignment is over, and he said, “hell ya.”

That’s the kind of response that makes me look forward to the future. Friends to work with, even if you're working on different projects, keep you on your toes. Friends are your greatest assets.

Others keep you accountable. Even if you work for yourself, you’re never truly alone.

Going to the coffee shop to work is kind of like going to the gym.

I spent ten months during the pandemic lifting weights in a make-shift garage gym. It did the job, but I lost some strength in the process because there wasn’t as much equipment to work with.

Additionally, I found myself sitting around for long periods of time. I bored easily and often convinced myself to cut the workouts short and go home.

Working out in a gym is different. It’s not that these people watch your every move, but you know they could.

The same goes for working in a coffee shop. It’s a great workspace because you can use the crowd to influence your effort. Play a game and pretend they are your office supervisors. That'll keep you focused.

You’ll work harder, type faster, and research more efficiently, knowing that people are there with you.

A final thought to take with you

The coffee shop is a great workplace if you know how to show restraint.

If you buy anything more expensive than iced coffee, your coffee shop bill can get expensive. By the end of the month, you end up essentially paying for office space in coffee.

Well, you always deserve that $6 cup of coffee.

As a workspace, the coffee shop has its benefits.

  • The coffee: It’s just bean juice, but it’s a magic source of energy that can help you do your best deep work.
  • The atmosphere: Music, unique decor, muted colors, and vegan protein bars you’ve never seen before. Coffee shops are curators of vibes.
  • The people: Keeping others around you is a motivating factor. The same reason gym partners keep you to your fitness goals is the same reason you want others in the coffee shop with you. But, of course, it doesn't hurt to reconnect with friends too.

I like to walk to the local beanery, too. I like getting the blood pumping. It activates my brain for a good talk with friends or deep work.

The future still holds many mysteries. Maybe your coffee shops aren’t fully open yet, or maybe your favorite one closed down due to the pandemic.

But if there’s anything I know about humans, it’s that we need our coffee. Our reliance on caffeine won’t go away anytime soon. It’s the most fantastic assistant for getting work done, and there’s a market for aesthetic brick and mortar buildings with wood paneling, granite counters, and the bitter yet sweet aroma of coffee beans.

A coffee shop will never replace the classic office space, but it can be remixed to fit your goals. There’s a proper spot for everyone.

What’s the name of your favorite coffee shop, and where is it?

Asking for a friend…

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Ryan Porter

Written by

Top Writer in Ideas | Master of None | I blog about creative energy. Learn to effortlessly write three stories every week → https://rb.gy/k2cy9u


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

Ryan Porter

Written by

Top Writer in Ideas | Master of None | I blog about creative energy. Learn to effortlessly write three stories every week → https://rb.gy/k2cy9u


We curate and disseminate outstanding articles from diverse domains and disciplines to create fusion and synergy.

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