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3 Things I learned from People Mistakes As An Entrepreneur

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I believe any failure can be a myth if you achieve enough success.

If you fail, that’s just garbage.

Everyone, in my opinion, has fantastic tales to tell and has made many errors and struggles, but not many people pay attention to you.

People will listen to you when you succeed and exclaim, “Wow, you are incredible.”

I’m not all that good. I come from a typical background and struggle in school. Of course, I made a concerted effort to study, but my school at the time wasn’t so great.

I keep trying to get jobs, enroll in universities, and join reputable schools. And I believe I have discovered one important lesson that will help you have a chance at success.

Everyone should become accustomed to failing but not accustomed to being accepted by others.

Why should you receive assistance from others? You earn such attention.

So that’s what I’ve learned:

  • Don’t give up.
  • My chance hasn’t arrived yet.
  • When everyone moans, it is your chance.

When I was younger, after graduating high school or college, I always believed that Bill Gates had taken over my position. All of Bill Gates’ endeavors were successful. Oracle employee Larry Erison seized all the fantastic prospects to IBM’s advantage.

I believe my goals are too high. I should encourage and assist those close to me as they accomplish small feats I never thought they could.

Most clever people I work with always look for quick, simple, and successful solutions. And in my opinion, becoming successful quickly is not simple.

I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m not exceptionally bright. We need to triumph if we’re going to succeed.

We need clever people on our team if we want to succeed. We should make many mistakes and never give up if we want to succeed.

While many individuals make mistakes, encounter difficulties, and eventually give up, I never do. I take lessons from mistakes.

This individual has no chance if he believes I will fail because of the others. Those who struggle believe that their failure is due to their inability, that they should take more care, and that they should do something. These individuals have chances. So I gained a lot of knowledge from those who failed.

I gained a lot of knowledge from others who made blunders. My mistakes taught me a lot, so when I fail, I tell myself, “See, I will fail.” Since I’ve made many mistakes and experienced so much failure, I always say, “Well, I never knew I could be successful.” As a result, I’m pretty upbeat and optimistic.

I also never complain because I’ve become accustomed to it. Every day we make mistakes; even today, we nearly always chose the wrong course of action. We thought it was clever, but it ultimately turned out to be stupid.

And every time we apply what we’ve learned, we improve. That’s the way that’s the life attitude.



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Kamran Karim

Kamran Karim


Inspirational, Futuristic & Innovative | CEO of The Binary Geeks & | Author of “What to Expect Before Developing an App.”