3 Tips For An iPhone User To Help Save Time and Be a Power User

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6 min readJul 30, 2021

DISCLAIMER: iPhones or any other smartphone for that matter, are not distracting. It is the user that suffers from these symptoms. In this post, we have found ways to use iPhones more efficiently to reduce distraction.

We are not going to talk about Do Not Disturb (DND) or any of those common tips you see elsewhere. This is a quick post to help reduce distractions while you are using your iPhone by reducing the number of steps to get into that specific task you need your phone for.

1. Use Spotlight Search for… everything!

Spotlight is a very good on-device search interface. It is very underrated too as people think it's only for searching apps and some files on your Apple device. With iOS 15, you can invoke Spotlight search by swiping down right from the lock screen making it even more easier to access it. But that’s not it. Here’s a list of things Spotlight can do on iPhone:

  • Searching word definitions: You can search up word definitions and assuming you at least have a single language dictionary downloaded on your device, it will give you word definitions along with their usage in noun form, verb form, phrases, and some word links. Time to ditch those fat dictionaries in your house.
Dictionary Search on Spotlight
  • Installing Apps: Up until iOS 14, installing apps from the App Store using Spotlight was a 2-step process where you search for the app and then it gives you an App Store float window where you finally click install. However, now with iOS 15, it's a 1 step process: just search it on Spotlight and tap the Install button. No need to open the App Store again, I guess.
Photo Search on Spotlight
  • Searching photos by date, location, person, and text in photos: Starting in iOS 15, you can search for photos by approximating the date you took them (specifying month and year, maybe) right in Spotlight. All iOS 15-supported devices (right up from iPhone 6s) will be able to search photos on…

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